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  1. D

    Are drone land surveys better than traditional surveys in terms of cost?

    There is no doubt that drone surveys are better than traditional surveyor option. But are it's costs viable? As per my research, the national average drone land survey can cost between $30 and $120 per acre. It can be even higher or lower than that depending on the type of survey and the...
  2. John Kayes

    John Kayes

    Osprey Drones, LLC photography is the capture of still images and video by a remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or, more commonly, as a drone. Drone photography allows images and audio/video to be captured that might not be
  3. D

    SOLD - DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter Drone - Aircraft, Transmitter, Batteries, Case

    For sale is a USED Inspire 2 Drone kit. I finally found a Matrice 200 series so I can let go of my I2 and M100. Price $1950 USD + $50 USD Fixed Shipping Location: Texas, USA Items included in the sale: - DJI inspire 2 Aircraft - DJI Inspire 2 Transmitter - x2 TB50 Batteries - Battery...
  4. BMCG

    3D mapping, large area

    Hi all, I’ve been asked to quote for a 3D survey Please see the attached map grab. I’d be using my Mavic Zoom. Does anybody have any recommendations for work flow. as you can see I did a quick map using Maps Made Easy, which I’m guessing allows the drones to carry on where it leaves the last...
  5. TrcDjProductions

    DJI Inspire 2 Drone USD $ 2,499.00

    DJI Inspire 2 Drone USD $2499.00 by DJI WITH DJI LENS / GIMBAL NOT INCLUDED / AIRCRAFT LOCATED IN TEXAS Package Includes: DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter Leopro Backpack Hard Carrying Case Remote Control (Transmitter) 4x Propeller Pairs 4x DJI Intelligent Flight Battery A/C Battery Charger D/C...
  6. S

    Inspire 1 Pro (RAW) with Brand New X5, 2 Batts, DJI 15mm lens, charger and case.

    Inspire 1 Pro (RAW) with Brand New X5, 2 Batts, charger and case. Inspire 1 Pro Raw w/X5 and 15mm lens. This entire unit was just shipped back to me from DJI after servicing the system and replacing a right-side arm and motor that had a crack on it. It has one test flight on it since the...
  7. C

    Selling inspire 1 pro x5

    condition: excellent make / manufacturer: DJI model name / number: Inspire 1 pro I have a DJI inspire 1 pro this only had a handful of flights. Comes with 3 batteries, pelican case, 2 remotes master and slave, also comes with a 4 battery rapid charger where is allows you to charge 4 batteries...
  8. zpdana24

    Inspire 1v2 w/ osmo + extras $950

    Two tb47's. One controller Charger Propellers X3 camera Carrying case Phone/tablet visor Landing pad Hardly used unfortunately due to heavy work load in the solar industry. Never crashed (check flight logs etc) I will provide pictures of all of that as requested. Batteries have maybe 25 charges...
  9. S

    DJI Inspire 2 Drone, 4 Batteries (2 Extra) + 2 Sets of Props, Pristine Condition

    I am selling my DJI Inspire 2 drone with digital camouflage skin applied (it is easy to remove if desired). Like new, in pristine condition, no scratches or dings what-so-ever. I am only selling this because I no longer find myself using the drone. Only flown a total of 8 times. Drone will be...
  10. S

    Parrot Sequoia+ Sensor For Sale - $4,000

    Hello, Im currently selling a Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Sensor (Plus version) for $4,000 USD. It is in excellent condition, basically new as only been used maximum twice. It also comes with all the accessories, which includes: 1 Multispectral sensor 1 Sunshine sensor 1 Calibration Target 1...
  11. I

    UK Renewal Due CAA Drone/UAS PfCO? Read First.

    If you are renewing PfCO, CAA is now on line..some important updates you need to do after 30/7/2018 to avoid rejection. Renewing your CAA UAV Drone PfCO? Read this first. - ikopta
  12. OneStudPuppy

    Jim Bowers aka Demunseed NEW SHOW!!

    Jim Bowers aka Demunseed aka that crazy drone video guy is starting a new webshow! Premieres tonight! 6pm PST! mrgimpylive MrGimpyLive, you’ve seen his surgery video and all so you have a idea what he’s went through, what’s a better way to deal with it all than comedy for the masses! Hope you...
  13. R

    Complete Guide: TRAVEL Drone Tips

    Hello fellow dronists! I made a short guide full of tips when travelling with your drone. I organized the tips into stages such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just make content a bit more digestable. Feel free to give your own advice to help those who are looking to travel in the...
  14. H

    Beautiful island of Maui Shot on Inspire 2

    Hey everyone! Just recently finished our newest Maui video! Check it out! Thanks again for all the input on great locations!
  15. Airscope


    Sensefly Refurbished - Low Hours - Like New! $9950.00 US See operation and features -> Includes: 1 Sensefly Albris 5 Batteries (Latest Version) 2 Battery Chargers 2 Controllers 1 USB Radio Modem 2 USB Radio Modem Cables 5 Legs 2 Prop Shrouds 8 Emotion 3 Propellers 20 Emotion X...
  16. Presman

    Need parts or new drone

    I need replacement parts. I need the x5 absorbing board for the camera or (v1 board), 3 landing gears, 1 1345 quick release prop, 1 set of landing gear riser set, 1 vps, and 1 x3 camera. All for Inspire 1 v2 obviously
  17. HOsiHO Drone Stock Images

    HOsiHO.com 2018 Showreel of Aerial Stock Footage

    Hi Pilots, Just released this 2018 showreel. HOsiHO is happy to feature a very small part of the stunning images our contributors shoot all year long in order to bring to our customers the very best of aerial imagery. Congratulations to all of them and hopefully you'll like some of the clips...
  18. Presman


    Looking for a spark remote, batteries, case, ect... Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  19. Presman

    WTB Osmo

    looking for an osmo handle for my x3. please reach out to me if you have one. I am doing photography for real estate so if you have anything else for sale and or tips please feel free to share! Thanks!
  20. W

    Hawaii - which island to go droning?

    Hey everyone, I'm taking a trip to Hawaii, arriving on May 12th and leaving on the 19th, with a team to do some aerial videography with the Inspire. Coming from Canada, so account for travel time at either end. I've been doing a bunch of reading around, and in comparing the islands and their...