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firmware update

  1. G

    Brand New GL 658A RC Firmware Issues

    Hi all, I picked up a brand new GL 685A RC on sale from a local (New Zealand) store recently to use as a slave RC for my Inspire 1 v.2 I didn't realize how old the A model was at the time (the one that came with the aircraft is a C model) and I find I'm absolutely unable to communicate with...
  2. A

    Drone drastically dipping when flying forward 2-3 meters off the ground

    I had a last minute job today doing a following shot behind a car, I upgraded to the new firmware update two days ago and shot on my own to test it with no problems also unknowing I would have this shoot today. During my the shoot today I would set the camera height and follow the car (only 1/4...
  3. D

    I2, X4S & X5S firmware updating sequence

    Hello all! I've not posted in a while because I've been working abroad and haven't had much of a chance to fly the I2. However, I'm back in the UK and as per usual the weather is crap but ... I've got an X5S and Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm lens coming today to complement the X4S I've already got...
  4. Daniel Harrell

    Best Practices - Should firmware be updated?

    Greetings all, I've used this website/forums many times, but just recently made my user. I purchased my Inspire 1 PRO two years ago and have flown it about 100 times. When I first got the aircraft DJI had released a new firmware that many were having trouble with video transmission at that...
  5. mauimike

    SD Card Format Timeout?

    Trying to format an SD Card. Getting "SD Card Format Timeout". I have no idea what that means. In the process of updating the firmware. Having problem every step of the way. Hoping someone can help me out.
  6. howard rockliffe

    Can't update Inspire X5

    I've been going round in circles with this one. I've done regular updates over the past two years with the Inspire X3 and X5, but for some reason I can't update the I1 X5. It simply won't start updating on startup. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. J

    DJI Tech Support Experience

    OK...this is probably nothing new, but for anyone sending in their Inspire or camera unit to DJI it will be a reminder of what to expect from DJI. On 9/29 we were shooting a job in eastern Washington and our Inspire X5R requested a firmware update for the camera. We decided not to fly it...
  8. S

    If You are having Image Transmission Signal Issues READ THIS!

    Just got off the phone with DJI Support as we have been experience Image Transmission Signal issues since the last update with our Inspire 1 PRO. Since the most recent firmware upgrade we couldn't get any Image Transmission Signal at all! Very concerning. The guy was extremely helpful and said...
  9. S

    Updating IMU after firmware update

    After updating firmware, is it always best to update the IMU? What is the purpose of the IMU check, if it says the IMU is good, yet one still needs to update the IMU? And thank goodness for this forum. Updated 10 days ago and flew a little to test, then just caught wind last night of the...
  10. Koptervision

    Slave Controller Not Prompting for Update - Latest Firmware

    I have Inspire ver 1 with X5 upgrade . I just did the 1.8.01 "Pro" firmware update (bird and all batteries). The Master Controller prompted for update and it is current (see image), but the Slave Controller will not prompt for update (see other image). I did the three button reset on the Slave...
  11. J

    Firmware question for change to X5

    I have finally ordered the X5 package. I am on latest 1.05.30 firmware. What do I need to do to accomodate the new camera and still be able to use X3 as backup?
  12. S

    Firmware Update

    Hi all, Does anyone know if it's okay to update the Inspire firmware straight from v1.2.1.06 to v1.4 or whether it's best to install the previous updates first? Thanks.
  13. A

    OSMO Firmware v1.2.1.60 Updated

    Link for Firmware: Osmo - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI Link for Q&A Thread: DJI Forum|New Osmo firmware v1.2.1.60-Support and Questions thread :)
  14. B

    Had some issues with Autopilot, want to share how i fixed them!

    Actually, Autopilot is not the one to blame, but using it before the DJI GO app . So the thing is that i updated to latest fw (1.3 for remote and 1.4 for aircraft), and did NOT run an IMU calibration afterwards. I went to fly, and started the DJI GO app to exit travel mode, then closed the...