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I2, X4S & X5S firmware updating sequence


Jan 16, 2018
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Warwickshire, UK
Hello all!

I've not posted in a while because I've been working abroad and haven't had much of a chance to fly the I2. However, I'm back in the UK and as per usual the weather is crap but ... I've got an X5S and Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm lens coming today to complement the X4S I've already got.

I've been trying to figure out whether, when updating the firmware, I need to run the I2 update separately - once with the X4S attached and once with the X5S attached. I've done a search on here and on the DJI website but have only found contradictory information. My I2 is currently up-to-date with the X4S attached and I'll see what happens when the X5S arrives but I thought it wouldn't hurt to tap into the vast knowledge on here and ask the question.

Many thanks for your feedback and wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Best regards,

You will definitely need to do VPS calibration after the X5S is attached.
When / if you change back to the X4S you will have to do VPS calibration again.
Also have to redo VPS calibration after changing any lens.

I think the same firmware version handles all possible gimbals automatically, but not completely sure - since I only have the X5S.
You'll be able to tell if the firmware is OK by testing gimbal initialization on power-on, and gimbal and lens operation from the remote.
If there's a problem then do the firmware update again with X5S attached?
Hi Rob,

Many thanks for your feedback. I hadn't considered needing to do a VPS calibration every time the gimbal/lens is changed. I shall have to look into the correct procedure for this as I haven't had to do it before.

Even though I quite like the quality and angle of view of the X4S I can see having to do VPS calibrations becoming a tedious task and may just get another lens for the X5S with a similar angle of view as the X4S and getting rid of the X4S all together. We'll see.

Thanks again.


I got both cameras and I put the X4S on first and it asked for an update for it. Then I switched to the X5S and it did an update for it too. Both were fairly quick beyond the normal firmware update for the bird. Batteries also took one, and the focus wheel also took one when I added it later. I wish DJI would say just what is being updated, but they are cryptic and do not say what is being updated.

You shouldn't need to do a VPS calibration on switching the X4S or X5S as that uses separate cameras built onto the bird.

My X5S had the renown DJI sensor tilt and I had to shim the bayonet on one side under the screws with some 0.005" shim stock to even it out as one side of the photos were sharper than the other. Easy to spot by pointing the camera at a contrasty object like perpendicular to chain link fence with focus peaking tuned on and scroll the focus wheel and if it is aligned properly, the entire fence edges should pop into the red of the focus peaking at once. If one side or corner becomes red sooner than the other, it's got the bad DJI sensor tilt. Had it happen to two of their cameras. Typical lax DJI quality control.
Thanks for the feedback Casey - much appreciated.

Although I've not taken the bird out for a flight yet (it's raining ... again ...) I have had the X5S attached and it didn't ask for an update to the FW. Switched it to the X4S and again no dramas so I think I'm probably all good for my next flight. As for the VPS - I'm assuming the GO4 app will ask for the calibration if/when it needs it. I know that it uses sensors separate to the lens/gimbal, hence my initial surprise at RobUK's post. However, as the X5S with lens is considerably larger than the X4S it stands to reason that the VPS needs to take that into account and thus require a calibration. However, I'm glad to read this is not required every time you switch gimbal/lens.

Cheers chaps!


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