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follow me

  1. Rowan

    Using follow me and tracking modes not allowed by FAA?

    FAA UAS regulations for recreational hobbyist and commercial pilots requires that the PIC (pilot in charge) must operate the aircraft in line of sight. This basically means that using a follow me or tracking mode would not be allowed. However the PIC can allow another pilot to control the UAS...
  2. dev_willis

    Noob Questions

    Hi! Can someone help me figure out how to control the camera on my Inspire 1? I'm totally new to it (second day of flying) and loving it so far but I can figure out how to point the camera. I'm in F mode but when I set the camera to "Follow Me" it doesn't do anything. Also, setting the flight...
  3. Donnie Frank

    Brand new DJI Inspire "Lead Me" mode...

    Hey guys; ANY drone can "follow" you. Inspire finally released beta firmware to select beta testers that unleashes the power of the Prescient CPU™. Here's my review. Let me know what you think. D
  4. D

    Follow me algorithm

    Gents, Been reading multiple threads on the follow me feature. I have some theories on the radical performance. Can some one tell me exactly how the follow me feature is mechanized? How and where the I1 receives its commands from? How it updates position? What are the update rates...
  5. D

    Follow Me - Inspire 1

    While I feel the “Follow me” mode on the I1 may not really be an appropriate flight mode for such a large semi-professional quad copter, I thought I would give it a try. It happily followed me over a distance of around 800 metres (875 yards) when I changed my direction to a compass heading by...
  6. Larr2000

    New Follow Me Mode Goes Erratic

    12262015 Update: Ok, Dji posted the update (2015.12.22) which only has battery thermal updates, nothing new on FOLLOW ME function. So, I did another flight test to prove it. FOLLOW ME still performs erratically when in dual controller mode!! It will perform with a single controller...