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  1. J

    Hidden Port? - Video output on craft HDMI?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone came across the BTS of the DJI short film shot with the I2 I noticed that they have a hdmi cabled into the inspire for handheld shots. So there must be a port that can be used right? see attached images. I use the Inspire 2 a lot for live broadcast but sometimes...
  2. B

    M300 smart controller

    All in all the m300 looks great and is a step forward. However, I see some potential issues with the Smart controller Enterprise: 1. It doesn't seem to have detachable antennas!? So we need to again crack the shell, drill the plastic,etc...? I expected a more professional solution for something...
  3. nandoarr

    Inspire 2 HDMI Monitoring Playback

    Hello there Inspire Friends!! I work with cinematography and i have three inspire 2, and when i go for a SET and shoot something, i put a monitor HDMI direct from the RC, for the director / client...But when i put the PLAYBACK for the director to see, the monitor goes off GREY, and i have to...
  4. R

    DJI Goggles + PC Game Star Citizen HDMI FPV Quick Test

    Hey, I tried out the DJI Goggles for a quick PC gaming session. It was completely plug and play with no hassles involved. Also, I apologize for the out of focus video quality. Thanks for watching! Here are my opinions on it. 1. Unfortunately, the low latency head tracking that works with...
  5. 9

    2nd Controller Camera Operators

    I wanted to get a sense of how folks are setting up their slave controllers for operators. With an external monitor or goggles, are you turning off telemetry? The information is geared for the pilot, but doesn't help the dedicated operator. It would be useful to an operator to see ISO, shutter...
  6. zackski

    Broadcasting/Streaming live to a Jumbotron

    Has anyone streamed live during an event to a Jumbotron? I am looking for any advice for connections and video setting. The plan is a straight forward HDMI in, using long cable to move about.
  7. Pietro Avolio

    Getting live feed through HDMI teradek

    Before I go and experiment, I wanted to see if you knowledgeable fellows have tried it. I want to fly at an event (away from crowds, and I have permission) which will be live streamed. The way I see this working is connecting a Teradek Bolt system to the HDMI input on the RC. Has anyone ever...