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inspaire 1 pro

  1. S

    Inspire 1 Pro + Extra Controller for sale - SOLD

    I am selling my lightly used Inspire 1 Pro. It only has 4 hours of flight time. I bought it to take photos in Iceland a couple of years ago. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where it is almost entirely off limits to fly so I haven't been flying it hence the 4 hours of flight time. 1 x...
  2. Tim Hudson

    No Image Transmission signal ? Help

    The image was very slow to none existent with lots of black screen. Eventually I changed the gimbal rings connection panel and cables. That was after trying everything else suggested including switching the RC. Took it out for a test, the image was breaking up and slow them the No image...
  3. D

    SOLD: Inspire Pro with extras.

    Asking $2500 USD in cash, bitcoin, or an acceptable local currency. I am based in New York, but If you live in the USA, Western Europe, or Tokyo, I may be able to deliver personally, maybe for free. Let me know if your interested. Product links are provided just for reference. The drone has...
  4. AK Vet

    Inspire 1 Pro longevity

    Inspire 1 Pro bundles look pretty good right now. Has DJI mentioned how long they will support this platform? I am considering adding another UAV to our business, however, I would like to feel confident that this bird will be supported for the next few years. The Inspire 2 is also being...
  5. Greg Lucas

    DJI Inspire 1 Pro - Osmo - X5 Kit w/extras

    After an upgrade, it's time to let go of my trusty Inspire 1 Pro. Professionally flown, working like new, fully updated and ready to demo. Inspire 1 Pro/X5 DJI 15mm stock lens Olympic 45mm lens Dual controllers 3 batteries - 1/TB47 - 2/TB48 1 Charger Extra props (I package of 2) Landing mode...
  6. E

    Skyline day and night, Houston,TX

    This is a small film i made using the test footage on the Inspire 1v2 Pro and X3 I bought pre-owned. It's also my first attempt in entirely editing and color correcting using Adobe Premiero Pro CC. Still have a lot to learn.
  7. B

    Replacing your own motors

    Hey guys, there is a guy that is making an adaptor bracket so you can mount the E800 motors on the Inspire 1. You can use the old ESC's with the E800 motors. Just checking to see if this is useful to anyone.
  8. N

    USA Looking for Talented Inspire Pilots

    Hi there, My name is Nile Berry and I run a production company (Marvel Vision) that focuses on the needs of architects, designers and developers. I'm looking to hire a few talented Inspire pilots in and around the NYC area. We are looking for the best and, as a result, pay far better than the...
  9. EamonUrtone

    Sunrise in Manchester.

    A quick test flight at sunrise with the Inspire 1 PRO, still getting a lot of noise in the shadows. Does anyone have a good work around for this? Thanks Eamon
  10. droneondemand

    Inspire One Pro Gimble Vibration : Video Unuseable

    Something bizarre happening with my Inspire/Zenmuse x5. The gimble when connected to the aircraft is vibrating really rapidly and strongly. Also hear a "grinding" type noise coming from it. (Similar to the noise it makes when booting up) I did not visibly notice this issue, it was only after...
  11. Neil sulish

    Best non Boosted (no external battery) Long range antenna system?

    Wanted to get a more reliable rock solid transmission while in urban areas or during long range flight projects... I don't know what the best dbi level is. I have seen them ranging from 8-13 dbi??? What would be the strongest per say?? I am new to the modding side of this endeavor so any and...
  12. EamonUrtone

    Elevate Films Showreel

    Hi, We are proud to officially launch Elevate Films today, check out our new aerial showreel. Elevate Films Aerial Showreel All comments are welcome, please let us know what you think? Thanks Eamon Urtone - Co Founder Elevate Films Elevate Films - A fresh perspective on video promotion
  13. DoubleHorn

    Inspire 1 Pro Black Travel Mode and Adaptive Landing Gear Issue

    To preface this, I've owned every iteration of DJI product (Phantom, Phantom 2, P2V+, Inspire 1 rev. D, P3 Pro, and just last week acquired an Inspire 1 Pro Black). I've had very few problems with the original Inspire 1 rev. D, but test flying the new Inspire 1 Pro Black I've run into some...
  14. VisualChaos

    Why does it take so long for a DJI repair

    I am new to Drones and obvioulsy DJI. As a long term professional photographer I have been using pro suppliers of my gear for decades and used to a certain way that they operate. If I broke my camera or a fault appeared I would send it back on the day of the issue, 2 days later I would get a...
  15. M

    12 images merged

    This is a composition of 12 images merged in Photoshop to create a big and detailed file, form an old train station in Mexico city. Hope you like it
  16. RKDauph

    TB48 malfunction

    This battery came new and only showed 3 lights when 'fully' charged. DJI Pilot app showed it at 100%. After 3rd test flight in an attempt to reset it. This happened when I pressed it to test it out of the airframe, I wasn't trying to turn it on. I am returning it. The seller will make it right...