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inspire 1

  1. K

    Dji focus Inspire 1 Pro / Raw

    This is for a dji inspire 1 pro with x5 camera. I just got dji focus and I'm trying to see if it's possible to control zoom and focus, without having to change modes on the focus controller. Eg. Either zoom mode, focus mode or aperture mode. My use is for asset inspection to have the camera...
  2. NWASPilot

    auto exposure bracketing

    Hey just curious if anyone has ever had issues when trying to use auto exposure bracketing? Mine has always worked well till this season and I use it quite often. I probably do need to check if there any software updates but just figured I'd ask. The issues are: 1- I take 3 photos but the first...
  3. John

    For Sale - Crashed Inspire 1 Kit - $450 (includes shipping)

    Looking to sell a decommissioned Inspire 1 that suffered a crash, partially works, and may be best suited for someone to repair or cannibalize for parts? What works: Powers up, landing gear raises & lowers, camera works, motors spin Known damage: Deformed nose Broken front right arm; motor...
  4. C

    Selling inspire 1 pro x5

    condition: excellent make / manufacturer: DJI model name / number: Inspire 1 pro I have a DJI inspire 1 pro this only had a handful of flights. Comes with 3 batteries, pelican case, 2 remotes master and slave, also comes with a 4 battery rapid charger where is allows you to charge 4 batteries...
  5. S


    Selling my entire set. Only 1 year old, never crashed it. Including: • Inspire 1 RAW • Zenmuse X5R • Dual Remote controllers • Chargers • SSD Reader • 512GB SSD • 2x TB47 • 2x TB48 • 2 sets of props • Original case • Inspak X5 • 15MM F/1.7 Lens Location: The Netherlands ( EUROPE) Price: €...
  6. D

    Inspire 1 X3 footage pulses in 4K

    When viewing my 4K footage on certain shots I have noticed a slight pulsing at about half second intervals mostly in the middle of the scene. It is a little hard to see in this clip but is very apperant on a larger screen. Has anyone else had a similar experience with their footage? Sorry...
  7. UAVEX

    Ultimate M210 Package - Mint - Inspire 1 + XT + Z-30 + Cendence + Battery Station

    UAV Exploration is doing some spring cleaning and to make room in our workshop we are offering the following ultimate drone inspection package. This MINT condition, turnkey, comprehensive package includes both a DJI M210 as well as a DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 and absolutely everything required for...
  8. M

    Firmware out of sync, No video transmition signal. Need Advice!!

    Hello! About a year ago I ran into issues upgrading firmware. After update and then further troubleshooting, the camera gave error “No Video Transmission Signal...” and screen is black (like I’ve seen others describe in this forum in the past). All other functions seem to work just fine...
  9. M

    Inspire 1 with x5 Camera Plus extras For Sale

    I Have a Inspire 1 like new never crashed. Comes with: 2 Controllers Zenmuse X5 6-TB48 Batteries 1-Tb47 Multi Charger Phantom Angel Battery conditioner GPC Hard Case $2000.00 US. Plus shipping ( I Will help with shipping, It will be expensive) Item is Located in Minnesota USA (Will also trade...
  10. Mirame Volar Sin Alas

    DJI FOLLOW FOCUS 900 usd + shipping

    Sale FOLLOW FOCUS DJI RONIN Osmo Osmo Pro Inspire 1 Inspire 2
  11. L

    FOR SALE Inspire 1 Kit w/ FPV

    LOS ANGELES, CA Selling an Inspire 1 Kit w/ Zenmuse X3 camera, 2 remotes, 5 batteries, custom FPV camera setup and custom hard Go Professional Case The aircraft has had no crashes. Everything functions like new and is in great condition. Earlier this year I upgraded to an Inspire 2 and my...
  12. S

    Inspire 1 V2.0 Bundle for Sale - PRICE REDUCED

    I've used it about 6 hours. I am getting a I2 with X7. Includes 6 batteries, DJI hard case, separate hard case for batteries, 2 chargers including the "gang" charger, 1 controller. X3 camera. Works fine. Price significantly reduced. Located in USA Northeast. $1000 by PayPal, GooglePay or...
  13. M

    Bereavement forcing sale: DJI equipment collection Inspire 1, Inspire 2 and various accessories

    Hi Everyone, I’ve recently joined the forum as my late partner (Ash223) was a member and a keen DJI user. He has left a collection of DJI equipment that now needs to find good homes and bring joy and excitement to other members of the drone community. I am looking to shift the gear quite...
  14. F

    DJI Inspire 1 batteries

    Three lightly used DJI Inspire 1 TB47 batteries. Don't remember exact charge cycle counts, but was somewhere in the the 20's, I think. Inspire 1 was re-homed and new owner didn't want extra batteries. US funds. Asking $75 each obo, free shipping to all 50 states. Paypal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, gold...
  15. R

    Z3 yaw movement

    I don't suppose anyone would have any thoughts on this? I have bought a z3 to run on the Inspire 1 and I'm struggling to get the camera to yaw using the sticks. You can control the Pitch and Roll, but the yaw has no affect. Likewise if I change the pitch/yaw on C2 the roller will change the...
  16. S

    DJI Inspire 2, XS4, XS5, Cendence Controller, Crystalsky, Olympus etc

    DJI Inspire 2, XS4, XS5, Cendence Controller, Crystalsky, Olympus etc Everything is in awesome condition and was my backup inspire two setup so not used much. -SOLD—DJI Inspire 2 -ProRes licensed -Stock case $150 -8 batteries low use (1 battery has an error) -A Set 9...
  17. Kopterguy

    Matrice Battery Case

    Dji Matrice 600 Battery Travel Case for sale. Like new condition, holds 18 Inspire 1 or M600 Batteries and 2 Hex Chargers. Shipping continental USA only. PayPal preferred. Beaumont, TX 77706. $225.00 plus shipping.
  18. G

    Zenmuse XT 336-30

    I have a nearly mint condition Zenmuse XT, in the original box. I bought this for my Inspire 1 Pro, but changed my focus to Mapping and haven't needed it. It's been in the air maybe 5-6 times, and always gave excellent results. It's the 336 - 30 model with the 13mm lens. Paid just over...
  19. heygeorge

    Inspire accessories

    I have 2 Inspire 1 transmitters for sale - $100 each plus shipping also a Smart inspire 1 power station - $100 plus shipping Also a smart Powercharger for inspire 1 - $100 plus shipping
  20. zpdana24

    Inspire 1v2 w/ osmo + extras $950

    Two tb47's. One controller Charger Propellers X3 camera Carrying case Phone/tablet visor Landing pad Hardly used unfortunately due to heavy work load in the solar industry. Never crashed (check flight logs etc) I will provide pictures of all of that as requested. Batteries have maybe 25 charges...