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inspire 1

  1. C

    XT & Orthomosaic

    Good morning, Hope everyone is having a peacefully and drama free Monday. Just started flying thermal jobs with my new to me Inspire 1 v1 and XT. Been using the DJI Go app since everything I've had to do can be captured in one image, however, now I have a need to capture thermal images of a...
  2. Flippigan

    (SOLD)Inspire 1 Pro V2 For sale

    I’ve owned this inspire since 2018 and it’s been an absolute dream. I work as a drone repair tech for industrial aircraft so it has been meticulously maintained. The batteries have been kept at nominal voltage unless they are being prepared for a flight the next day. I replaced the lithium in...
  3. M

    DJI Inspire 1 for Sale

    Refurbished DJI Inspire 1 for sale. The drone had an ESC error when I bought it. The seller told me it was the front right (as you look at the drone) motor/ESC board that was the problem. I ended up swapping out all four motors and ESC boards. Outcome = No ESC Error. The drone can be seen flying...
  4. Four K Videos

    SOLD: Lightly used DJI Inspire 1v2 PRO drone & 6 TB48 batteries - $1,595 - Rhode Island, USA

    Hey everyone, thanks for looking at my Inspire 1 PRO! I've upgraded to the I2 X5S, so it's time to pass it off to a new owner. This was my second Inspire 1 PRO that I had as a backup. I rarely flew it unless I had jobs where we needed several drones in the air at a time. It has never been...
  5. A

    Need help with Inspire V1 pinout

    Hi all, I'm seeking help with identifying exactly what the pins are for the Inspire V1 ESC (the 5-pin and the 3-pin JST GH connectors, picture attached). I've seen a similar thread for V2 (Help me figure out the pinout for the ESC signal connector) but it's for a slightly different product and...
  6. PapaChop83

    Aloha from Oahu!

    Hello everyone! New member here. I recently sold my Phantom 4 to upgrade to an Inspire 1 X5R. My wife and I run a photography business, and we're wanting to add drone photography to the offerings/portfolio. The dynamic range and image quality on the P4 just wouldn't keep up with the Nikon DSLR...
  7. M

    FS in NYC: Huge Inspire 1 Production Kit (Drone, 2 remotes, 4 TB47 batteries, Osmo, Follow Focus, etc, X3 camera, 12mm and 25mm Lenses)

    Up for sale is my Inspire 1 kit. Used it a lot but then lost focus in the drone world. Haven't turned it on in years but it worked flawlessly last time I used it. Used the kit mostly in Osmo form with the X5 and it served me very very well. The follow focus really made this a mighty piece of...
  8. tor

    No Control when landing

    Hello. I have a question about my inspire 1.. I was flying the inspire yesterday, and the battery went low, 20% so i went in for landing.. When the inspire was 1 meter over the ground it went up in the air again.. I hade no control over it, then it went down again.. And landed pretty hard.. It...
  9. Force Aerial

    I1 BATTERIES - 3 TB47 & 3 TB48 | 1 Charging Hub | 2 Charging Cords | 1 Battery Warmer

    $850USD for all 6 batteries and accessories Buyer covers shipping cost Shipping from Richmond, Virginia USA 3 TB47 & 3 TB48 1 Charging Hub 2 Charging Cords 1 Battery Warmer TB47s TB48s
  10. Derik Shean

    Inspire 1 GPC case $200 or BO

    In great shape on the inside. Has a few scratches and dings on the out side but still very solid. I’m looking to get USD$350 for it or the best reasonable offer. US shipping only and of course buyer pays for shipping. Located Brunswick Maine
  11. S

    Inspire 1 V2, 2nd controller unable to connect to DJI Go app

    Just bought an Inspire 1 v2 off of FB marketplace after wanting one for years, and being stuck on the phantom 1 FC40. So basically I have no idea with anything DJI as of late. I've been reading forums and tutorials for about 5 hours and am still unsure of how to fix this. I follow the typical...
  12. J

    Inspire 1 T600 SOLD

    This ad has been removed
  13. D

    Why does my inspire 1 Zenmuse x3 camera/gimbal do this?

    Right when I turn it on the gimbal starts going crazy and spins everywhere and the camera starts looking down?
  14. D

    Disconnecting Zenmuse x3 from arm/gimbal

    Hello! I bought a new camera head since the one that I have isn’t working and am taking apart the camera head from the gimbal and was wondering how to do this last part? Please help :(
  15. D

    No Image Transmission Inspire 1 Zenmuse x3

    Hello! So I ran into a problem my dad used to fly the inspire 1 and everything worked, But we pulled it back out after a year and it says no image transmission, but the camera moves and the drone flys perfectly. Someone please help :( UPDATE: I look at the sd card and it can take pictures but it...
  16. Marshall_C

    X5R in 2020 [upgrading from X3]

    Over the past month or so i was considering purchasing an X5R. I currently have an X3 on the I1 But want to know if its still worth the upgrade. Ive looked into buying an I2 and the fact it costs 10X as much has put me off dramatically. Ive found X5R's going for around $1500 some higher some...
  17. Bigshow

    Inspire 1 and Litchi

    Hi guys, I am new to this and would like some help. I have been flying my inspire 1 with my Note 9 for a long time and had no problems. The Note 9's screen is not bright at all and I always struggle to see what's on the screen when in direct sunlight. I bought a Crystalsky ultra 7 inch to use...
  18. S

    Inspire 1 v2.0 with 5 TB47 batteries, hard cases, 1 controller, X3 camera for sale.

    November 15 2019 update: Batteries are TB48 I had previously posted TB47 which was a mistake. They are (5) TB48. Inspire 1 v2.0 with 5 TB48 batteries, hard cases, 1 controller, X3 camera for sale. Excellent condition, no damages, not crashed. Everything working perefctly. Very low time...
  19. BMCG

    Mount at rear changes C o Gravity

    I am looking at ways to attach a 360 camera - Capture one- camera at the rear of my Inspire 1V2. Using a clamp and selfie stick with the camera attached Will change the centre of gravity. Slightly backwards I think . Do a counter balance this with more front loading ( small weights) Or let...
  20. K

    Dji focus Inspire 1 Pro / Raw

    This is for a dji inspire 1 pro with x5 camera. I just got dji focus and I'm trying to see if it's possible to control zoom and focus, without having to change modes on the focus controller. Eg. Either zoom mode, focus mode or aperture mode. My use is for asset inspection to have the camera...