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inspire 1

  1. S

    Inspire 1 v1 and v2 for trade

    DJI Inspire 1 v1 and 1 v2 for trade Both drones Can Fly main issues are cameras and batteries Issues: Zenmuse x3 camera shorted Zenmuse Z3 working but no video feed 1 remote only 1 high cell battery can only fly around 4 mins 2 dead battery
  2. Z

    Inspire 1 v.2 pro

    Eladó egy komplett bontott Inspire gép. távirányító, töltő és 1 db 180w-os gyorstöltő. 2 db tb47 elem nagyon jó állapotban. nincs feszültségkülönbség az akkumulátorcellák között. A kínált termék Magyarországon kapható.
  3. T

    Landing Light Inspire 1

    I recently purchased a DJI Inspire 1. The person told me it has a landing light. I can not find any details on this in manual, online, Go App, etc. I’m thinking it does not have this?
  4. S

    Inspire one and s9 compatibility

    Hi all.can anyone tell me if the dji go app will run with a Samsung s9 phone..it won't connect for some reason
  5. FlFlyer

    ( SOLD )DJI Inspire 1 Four Port Smart Charger $225.00 ( SOLD )

    DJI Inspire 1 / M100 Four Port Smart Charger $225.00 Shipped CONUS ONLY This charger will automatically charge, discharge, cycle, balance, and more up to 4 batteries at a time. Very low-time Smart Power Charge - Charge, deep cycle, and maintain 4 DJI Inspire 4 Batteries simultaneously with...
  6. D

    Inspire 1 v2 - $1300 - Nine (9) Batteries

    Meticulously cared for Inspire1 v2 in full working order. This is incredibly fun to fly and a great starter kit for those looking for a decent primary...could also be an amazing secondary for commercial or heavy hobbiest purposes. Drone has been repaired after crash in 2021. Fully functional...
  7. C

    XT & Orthomosaic

    Good morning, Hope everyone is having a peacefully and drama free Monday. Just started flying thermal jobs with my new to me Inspire 1 v1 and XT. Been using the DJI Go app since everything I've had to do can be captured in one image, however, now I have a need to capture thermal images of a...
  8. Flippigan

    (SOLD)Inspire 1 Pro V2 For sale

    I’ve owned this inspire since 2018 and it’s been an absolute dream. I work as a drone repair tech for industrial aircraft so it has been meticulously maintained. The batteries have been kept at nominal voltage unless they are being prepared for a flight the next day. I replaced the lithium in...
  9. M

    DJI Inspire 1 for Sale

    Refurbished DJI Inspire 1 for sale. The drone had an ESC error when I bought it. The seller told me it was the front right (as you look at the drone) motor/ESC board that was the problem. I ended up swapping out all four motors and ESC boards. Outcome = No ESC Error. The drone can be seen flying...
  10. Four K Videos

    SOLD: Lightly used DJI Inspire 1v2 PRO drone & 6 TB48 batteries - $1,595 - Rhode Island, USA

    Hey everyone, thanks for looking at my Inspire 1 PRO! I've upgraded to the I2 X5S, so it's time to pass it off to a new owner. This was my second Inspire 1 PRO that I had as a backup. I rarely flew it unless I had jobs where we needed several drones in the air at a time. It has never been...
  11. A

    Need help with Inspire V1 pinout

    Hi all, I'm seeking help with identifying exactly what the pins are for the Inspire V1 ESC (the 5-pin and the 3-pin JST GH connectors, picture attached). I've seen a similar thread for V2 (Help me figure out the pinout for the ESC signal connector) but it's for a slightly different product and...
  12. PapaChop83

    Aloha from Oahu!

    Hello everyone! New member here. I recently sold my Phantom 4 to upgrade to an Inspire 1 X5R. My wife and I run a photography business, and we're wanting to add drone photography to the offerings/portfolio. The dynamic range and image quality on the P4 just wouldn't keep up with the Nikon DSLR...
  13. M

    FS in NYC: Huge Inspire 1 Production Kit (Drone, 2 remotes, 4 TB47 batteries, Osmo, Follow Focus, etc, X3 camera, 12mm and 25mm Lenses)

    Up for sale is my Inspire 1 kit. Used it a lot but then lost focus in the drone world. Haven't turned it on in years but it worked flawlessly last time I used it. Used the kit mostly in Osmo form with the X5 and it served me very very well. The follow focus really made this a mighty piece of...
  14. tor

    No Control when landing

    Hello. I have a question about my inspire 1.. I was flying the inspire yesterday, and the battery went low, 20% so i went in for landing.. When the inspire was 1 meter over the ground it went up in the air again.. I hade no control over it, then it went down again.. And landed pretty hard.. It...
  15. Force Aerial

    I1 BATTERIES - 3 TB47 & 3 TB48 | 1 Charging Hub | 2 Charging Cords | 1 Battery Warmer

    $850USD for all 6 batteries and accessories Buyer covers shipping cost Shipping from Richmond, Virginia USA 3 TB47 & 3 TB48 1 Charging Hub 2 Charging Cords 1 Battery Warmer TB47s TB48s
  16. Derik Shean

    Inspire 1 GPC case $200 or BO

    In great shape on the inside. Has a few scratches and dings on the out side but still very solid. I’m looking to get USD$350 for it or the best reasonable offer. US shipping only and of course buyer pays for shipping. Located Brunswick Maine
  17. S

    Inspire 1 V2, 2nd controller unable to connect to DJI Go app

    Just bought an Inspire 1 v2 off of FB marketplace after wanting one for years, and being stuck on the phantom 1 FC40. So basically I have no idea with anything DJI as of late. I've been reading forums and tutorials for about 5 hours and am still unsure of how to fix this. I follow the typical...
  18. J

    Inspire 1 T600 SOLD

    This ad has been removed
  19. D

    Why does my inspire 1 Zenmuse x3 camera/gimbal do this?

    Right when I turn it on the gimbal starts going crazy and spins everywhere and the camera starts looking down?
  20. D

    Disconnecting Zenmuse x3 from arm/gimbal

    Hello! I bought a new camera head since the one that I have isn’t working and am taking apart the camera head from the gimbal and was wondering how to do this last part? Please help :(