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  1. 5280aerials

    SOLD - Zenmuse x5 camera and 3-axis gimbal with 15mm f1.7 lens - $850

    Excellent condition. Used only as a high end option mounted on an Osmo if clients preferred it. Osmo adapter - $25. Buyer pays shipping costs. Gimbal + Camera + Lens Micro 4/3 Sensor 5.2K at 30 fps / 4K at 60 fps 20.8MP Still Images Equipped with an uprated Micro 4/3 sensor, the DJI Zenmuse...
  2. Mirame Volar Sin Alas

    DJI FOLLOW FOCUS 900 usd + shipping

    Sale FOLLOW FOCUS DJI RONIN Osmo Osmo Pro Inspire 1 Inspire 2
  3. C


    For sale is my LIKE NEW DJI Osmo w/ Zenmuse X3 and an additional 2 extra DJI intelligent batteries. The camera was only used ONCE during a 3 day trip to San Francisco. Other than that it has been in storage. Wasn't a big fan of it and just purchased the new Osmo Pocket. Comes with all original...
  4. A

    Maximum Frames Per Second for X5S

    Does the X5S offer 120 frames per second for 1920x1080? Also unsure if the FPS recording capabilities are the same as when using it on the Osmo.
  5. C

    [CALIFORNIA USA] DJI Osmo + DJI Zenmuse X5 w/ MFT 15mm f/1.7 & Osmo Adapter [$950]

    For sale is my DJI Osmo + DJI Zenmuse X5 with DJI MFT 15mm f/1.7 Lens and DJI Osmo Adapter (generic, however works great) Was only test mounted and turned on once. I prefer using my Sony RX100VI so this never made it into my work flow. Comes with original box and hard case. Price is $950 for...
  6. T

    Inspire 1 Pro X5 + OSMO $2000 LA

    INSPIRE 1 PRO ZENMUSE X5 3 TB47 Intelligent Flight Battery (4500mAh) 2 Dual Controllers 6 Propellers Battery Charging Hub Battery Heater Remote Controller Strap Remote Controller Monitor Hood for Tablets Plastic Suitcase (With Inner Container) Case (Broken Zipper) OSMO 5 Intelligent...
  7. dpwarren

    SOLD: Inspire 1 v2.0 with GPC Case

    Decided to sell the Inspire 1 and all of the accessories. Some I will sell separate. Used for larger real estate work on ranches. I just don't have time to shoot the big stuff anymore. This aircraft has been immaculately kept and has never had a hard landing, crash or even touched anything in...
  8. A

    Inspire Pro 1 v2 Also Osmo Stuff for Sale - Will Part Out

    Location - UK (London) All currency is - GBP Selling my Inspire 1 v2 setup and some Osmo stuff. Happy to part out. PM me and let me know what you want. DJI Z-Axis Osmo Pro/RAW - £120 DJI Osmo X3/Pro/RAW Handle (inc phone holder and lead for external battery plus 1 x TB47) - £300 DJI...
  9. T

    Inspire 1 V2 Pro camera/gimbal options

    Hello all, I'm certain that this question has been answered before, but a search has not produced the results I'm looking for. I've just acquired an I1 V2 Pro that was originally equipped with an X5 camera/gimbal and Olympus lens. Right now the socket is empty. My question, besides the very...
  10. Presman

    WTB Osmo

    looking for an osmo handle for my x3. please reach out to me if you have one. I am doing photography for real estate so if you have anything else for sale and or tips please feel free to share! Thanks!
  11. A

    ***SOLD*** DJI INSPIRE 1 V2.0 with OSMO Handle Kit & All Accessories - $2300

    ***SOLD*** DJI INSPIRE 1 V2.0 with OSMO Handle Kit & All Accessories - EXCELLENT CONDITION - AMAZING PRICE This is an Amazing Deal that you don't want to miss!! We are selling our extra drones due to lack of space. This is the PERFECT Package that includes all the needed accessories and more at...
  12. B

    SOLD : Osmo Handle | 2 Batteries | X5R Attachment - $219

    SOLD.SOLD.SOLD.SOLD.SOLD.SOLD.SOLD.SOLD.SOLD.SOLD.SOLD. Location: Denver, Colorado, USA Currency: $USD via PayPal / Google Wallet / Venmo Shipping: Will ship anywhere in the continental USA. Price: $219 (shipping included) Kit Includes: Osmo Handle Kit (handle, microphone, battery, charger)...
  13. Rocco Z

    $450 bid Osmo Pro Add-On Kit (Focus, Z-axis, iPad, batteries, more)

    eBay Link: DJI Osmo X5 PRO Add-on Kit + iPad Mini2 + Z-Axis + Focus + X5 Adapter + Batts... | eBay The perfect Inspire 1 Pro add-on kit: turn your X5 into a workhorse handheld stabilized gimbal system. Pull focus, walk/run, and view on an iPad monitor for cinema-quality stabilized footage. We...
  14. R

    Inspire 1 X5 Alaska Edit (glaciers calving, wildlife, etc.)

    I spent 3 months cruising Alaska by boat in Summer of 2016 and spent a lot of time filming. This is the highlights from the trip.The bulk of the footage is filmed on an Inspire 1 with X5. Some ground shots are with the X5 attached to Osmo and a couple are from a Nikon D500 (mainly the couple...
  15. B

    **** SOLD *****DJI Inspire 1 Raw Complete Set | Multiple Lenses

    Location: Colorado, USA (Shipping within US ONLY) Price: $4,049 (PRICE REDUCED) OBO + Shipping FULL IMAGES IN HIGH RES HERE Are you looking to get into the commercial drone or photography industry? This is a full setup (retail price > $9,000) to get your business rolling immediately at a great...
  16. B

    Inspire 1 Raw (X5R) Entire Package | Lots of Extras

    I am going to be getting rid of my Inspire 1 Raw (X5R) with multiple lenses, batteries, ND filters, hardshell travel case, and much more. This bird has been flown for maybe 10 hours or less and in "like new" shape. Send me a reply or DM if interested (US ONLY FOR SHIPPING PURPOSES), your best...
  17. G

    Closed: DJI OSMO Handle w/X5 Adapter and more

    Included Items: Osmo Handle Base Universal Mount Phone Holder External Batterty Adapter X5 Camera Adapter You will need to add the X3 or X5 camera and external power. Will split shipping from Virginia Beach, VA
  18. G

    FS - Inspire 1 Pro with X5, 1 Controller, 4 TB47 Batts

    This is an Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 camera. I am purchasing an Inspire 2 and no longer need this bird. Included Items: Inspire 1 Pro and X5 Camera 1 Transmitter 4 TB47 batteries 4 port charging hub Stock power supply for charging The stock 15mm DJI lens and numerous filters Stock case iPad...
  19. rdweaver

    Aerial Shots of Fendt Tractor mowing

    Shot this of a Fendt 722 tractor with a Potttinger mower Shot with my DJI Inspire 1 and X3 camera and my Osmo. I would appreciate constructive feedback!
  20. R

    Trying to upgrade but have no clue what to ask for what I am selling.

    Like I said I have a fantastic inspire 1v2 kit with more extras than I have ever seen sold including and extra x3 variant camera (also works with Osmo), 2 iPad Airs and an Osmo kit and I can't move it because I guess I am simply asking too much. So it's obvious that I have no idea how to price...