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  1. R

    Osmo Features from X3 gone once mounting X5

    Just got the adapter for my X5 and have been looking at the camera app and I dont have the timelapse, 360 panorama, HDR I have seen on the x3 osmo in the GO App is this normal ??
  2. Rocco Z

    Interesting video showing X5 adapter and X5 Z-axis stabilization arm.

    What do you guys think? Also, is this a different Z-axis accessory than the one advertised for the X3 on the DJI Webpage?
  3. K

    OSMO + X5 startup problems

    I have two start up problems. X5 is mounted with 3. party 3d print to handle and I have a panasonic 15 mm with original hood and dji balancing ring attached. Camera starts up and begins some sort of alignment then drops to a tilted angle. There is a live view picture in the go app and it...
  4. L

    X5R and Osmo

    I wonder if some of these X5 adapters will fit the X5R for the Osmo? Anyone tried it yet? Should get mine fairly soon and will try it out. I have a 30+ foot Carbon Fiber crane being built for the Osmo/X5 and it would be awesome to have that working with the X5R!
  5. X

    Fitness Film using Inspire 1 Pro (45mm lens)

    Olympus 45mm is my favorite Inspire 1 Pro lens......utilized this setup to get some fresh new angles and cinematic camera moves both low to the ground and in the sky for this cinematic fitness film shot in Austin, TX. Watch in 1080p with headphones or speakers. Enjoy!
  6. A

    10% off coupon for Osmo giveaway

    BFX8PJEU Use the link below to purchase on official store site, coupon can be used when placing order Edit: Affiliate link removed by moderator
  7. Tex

    Short focus issue

    Hey guys! Several days ago I found out that my OSMO lost focus. At the moment there is only DOF for 0.1m-1m in focus, all objects far then 1m from camera not in focus anymore. I checked out all the menu, a lot of instructions, reset default settings, nothing works. Checked my old videos -...
  8. Mr Phantom

    No 4K (4096 x 2160) on OSMO

    I have no option for 4096 x 2160 recording on my OSMO with the white Inspire 1 X3 camera, is this the way it suppose to be? Doesn't the OSMO together with the Inspire 1 X3 camera / gimbal handle 4096x2160 or what? If it does then whats the problem? Nothing happens when i hit the 4K button...
  9. Mr Phantom

    OSMO shows firmware

    I noticed that my OSMO handle with the Inspire 1 X3 camera/gimbal shows firmware version and it doesn't prompt me to update.............................. EDIT: It seems i have found the answer to my question, this firmware is the first firmware. But i still don't understand why it...
  10. L

    3D Printed X5/Osmo Adapter

    Anyone have any suggestions? There are a few on eBay. Some cheap, one is $100.
  11. Sky

    Osmo Motorcycle Test 1

    Used the DJI "bicycle" mount on my motorcycle. A bit bumpy but I can make it smoother in the future. @ 3:19 I hit a dip in the road, the gimbal rotated out of lock and the recording stopped. No damage to the gimbal. hit record and it was back at it. *disclaimer*All road laws were followed...
  12. L

    40+ft. Jib/Crane for OSMO

    I have been working with a company (who shall remain anonymous for now) on a product specifically for the OSMO. This is something I have been dreaming of for a while. A crane that breaks down into pieces and is adaptable to most tripods. The weight of the OSMO/X5 allows the crane to be made...
  13. James Connerly

    Bowl and Pitcher Tiny Planet

  14. Tex

    X5 on DJI Osmo

    Hey to all. DJI announced release of special X5/X5R-mount plate for OSMO(provides in stock with X3 camera). It's hard not to notice that plates and mounts of X3 and X5 are almost the same as well as lock system. I've tried to mount my X5 from Inspire to Osmo. Well, it suits, but lock doesn't...
  15. S

    Osmo in Low Light Footage Test

    Here is a recent video that I did from our visit to Toronto's Distillery District. Not a pro at all just hacking together some clips captures with the Osmo. Still getting the hand of things, but I thought it came out good.
  16. N

    DJI OSMO Vehicle Mount

    The OSMO handle rosette mount does not attach flush with the screw rosette mount of the OSMO Vehicle Mount. The teeth of the rosette mounts do not fit flush together even after tightening the mounting screw per the OSMO Vehicle Mount Quick Start Guide. The OSMO and handle just wobble rendering...
  17. P

    Multiangle live concert shot with DJI Osmo's

    Please find enclosed a multiangle concert clip filmed mainly with 2 DJI Osmo’s on small tripods, located on the stage. The Osmos were connected to 2 Wireless Dualband Repeaters, enabling me to remote-control the cameras on stage even in large venues while being physically located at the main...
  18. M

    Dry River Canyon - Bend, OR (Inspire/Osmo)

    Went for a hike with my parents yesterday and thought it would be a good time to really give my Osmo a proper test. I love this thing. Opens up so many filming possibilities! Super happy with it so far (even though I still can't get it to lock all the way down).
  19. B

    Sound test

    Bought a £4 ($6 US) lapel mic off eBay and tested it. Before and after video below. The inbuilt sound is simply unusable as far as I'm concerned. Which is ok by me as I would never use a camera's inbuilt mic to record sound, but you might not agree.
  20. Florida Drone LLC

    Osmo in the Pool Hall

    All filmed with the Osmo