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  1. E

    Oversaturated Red Colors on Zenmuse x5

    Anyone experience oversaturated reds on Zenmuse x5? When I shoot the red color is oversaturated and way to vibrant. Any ideas on setting to use in camera to avoid this? https://goo.gl/photos/26e5MUjW8hf3vnXT6
  2. U

    Windows DJi Client???

    Does anyone know of a 'Client' app for Windows PC that works with the DJi system for either 'Inspire 1' or Osmo?? I want to be able to stream video directly to Laptop of non Android/iOS tablet... Be gentle.....;)
  3. Tim

    OSMO Mobile without Handle

    Hi, Anyone know if I can buy an OSMO Mobile without the handle? I've got two OSMO handles that I use with Inspire X3s and don't really want a third but I would still like to gimbal a mobile. Thanks.
  4. Tim

    Long duration video

    Hi all, I have a requirement to continuously film 4k 25fps for 2.5 hours. The OSMO is ideal because it's a pretty bumpy platform but on all my test runs, the video stops after 4 x 10 minute clips. The set-up is a fast 90mps 64Gig SD (formatted through DJI GO) with an old phantom 2 battery...
  5. D

    Osmo Z-axis spring replacement for X5

    Anyone experimented replacing the spring in the Z-axis for X5 usage and if yes: where can I order it? Expected this issue to pop-up but didn't see anything about it yet. Removal of the standard spring worked but wasn't able to find a replacement one. Appreciate your help/thoughts! Tks Theo
  6. GizaDog

    OSMO & GoPro Side-by-Side Test - Hot Air Balloons

  7. A

    Zenmuse X3 For Sale

    Selling a DJI Osmo 3-Axis Gimbal and 4K Camera (No Handle). I am getting a Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 camera and will be using that with the OSMO. $325. Here is a write up on the camera: DJI Osmo 3-Axis Gimbal and 4K Camera (No Handle) CP.ZM.000251 Email [email protected] if interested.
  8. SolidStayt

    Osmo Pro/X5 Focus Wheel

    Hi Brains Trust! Just received my new focus wheel for the Osmo, to work with my X5. So happy that DJI have brought out a cheaper solution for this, rather than having to buy their (expensive) regular remote follow focus system. So I've put it all together, plugged it in and turned it on-...
  9. MacDyver

    Osmo Pro W/Hoverboard?

    Hey Gang, Obviously this isn't a new idea but does anyone have experience using their Osmo while onboard a Hoverboard? numerous videos I've watched seem overly concerned with Z axis movement and to me this seems such an obvious answer, Of course broken knees and hip replacements aside. I'm...
  10. M

    X5R/Osmo video out?

    With the X5R on the Inspire, obviously the video is transmitted via the built in Lightbridge. When the X5R is mounted on an Osmo, is it possible somehow to transmit video to a seperate monitor for a client? Thanks
  11. I

    Unboxing DJI Osmo

    So Unboxed the DJI Osmo. Man, what a piece of kit. If you have an inspire, and like making films, you need one of these! No Brainer. DJI Osmo Ultimate Unboxing
  12. I

    Blinking Love the DJI Osmo

    Went to the Wex summer show to day, great talks and info. If in the UK, worth visiting if one near you. Took out the Osmo for 5mins, they wouldn't let me go with the Inspire 1 pro :-(
  13. I

    Inspire 1 Pro Harvest shoot in 4K

    Filming Last week-end for some Combine-harvesters. Inspire 1 pro with 15mm lens. Also used the Osmo with the x3 camera (what a great piece of kit!) ikopta Drone filming Harvest in 4K
  14. highground

    Osmo Case for Sale

    Hi guys, I've got an Osmo case with strap for sale on eBay. New condition. Used it ounce then got an X5 camera that won't fit in it. $9 is minimum with $9 shipping.
  15. MacDyver

    Osmo Pro, Sleep Wake Issue

    Just observed, DJI Osmo Pro has no image after being put to sleep, then waking up with DJI Go App. DJI Rep explained, this is a known issue when using battery extender. says a fix is in the mix. Also inquired if Live Streaming were possible other than using FaceBook, was simply told "No".:( Does...
  16. Tim

    Replacement Barrel Nut

    Hi Osmo People I've lost the barrel nut on the bike mount clamp for my osmo. I can't find one online or in a local hardware shop. It's 6.5mm diameter with a M4 size bolt but not a M4 size thread so I gather it's imperial instead of metric thread. If anyone has an idea where I can get hold on...
  17. G

    Osmo joystick modification

    I find the flat joystick on the osmo difficult to use smoothly. Has anybody done any mods on this to make it work like a real joystick? Anybody seen any other threads anywhere about this subject?
  18. A-SCOTT85

    URGENT: Looking for an X5 gim, cam and lens owner in London!

    We are urgently looking for an X5 owner in London who can rent us their gim, cam and lens (no drone) between the 21st of June - 1st of July. We intend to mount it on an Osmo with a rental company who is providing the gear. It will be fully insured and hired from you with an established London...
  19. Phil-RCGeeks

    Osmo and Z-Axis combo

    Got my hands on the Z-Axis last week so thought i'd do some test footage with it for you guys.... I did a full write up on the product as well if you're interested. But in short, my honest opinion.... if you put in the time and effort, you can achieve the same results without the z-axis than...
  20. Mr Phantom

    OSMO GPS information

    Does the OSMO geotag the videos recorded or photos taken? I´m thinking since the mobile phone used with the OSMO most often will have a built in GPS unit.