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  1. lukeraffertyvisuals

    SOLD: Inspire 2 Controller for Sale (New)

    UPDATED Dec 1 Hello! I was able to sell all of my other Inspire 2 accessories; and just have this left. I’m based in Philadelphia and will ship the controller for free anywhere in the USA vi FedEx. Price in USD. DJI INSPIRE 2 Remote Controller — $375 Was only ever used for (1) flight ever...
  2. heygeorge

    Inspire accessories

    I have 2 Inspire 1 transmitters for sale - $100 each plus shipping also a Smart inspire 1 power station - $100 plus shipping Also a smart Powercharger for inspire 1 - $100 plus shipping
  3. Presman

    Inspire 1 v2

    This is an inspire 1 v2. It is broken. I bought this drone for photography and never got to use it for that before a bird knocked it out of the sky. There is a list of repairs. I'm selling this as either a part out or all together. The drone is actually still in good shape. If someone cleaned it...
  4. Presman

    Inspire 1 rebuild

    Hey guys. So I have an I1 v2 that's been crashed. So far my list of repairs are (1) prop,(1) vps,(2) landing gears (because I already have one and three are broken),(1) absorbing board(or can it be fixed???those little metal pieces connect to the drone), and then there is the camera. I have the...
  5. Presman

    Need parts or new drone

    I need replacement parts. I need the x5 absorbing board for the camera or (v1 board), 3 landing gears, 1 1345 quick release prop, 1 set of landing gear riser set, 1 vps, and 1 x3 camera. All for Inspire 1 v2 obviously
  6. P

    INSPIRE 1 Parts! prices in USD CLOSE

    left and right complete arm assemblies- I have multiples 125$ 7 motors- v1 40$ each or 140$ for 4 I also have several arm tubes the long straight piece the motors actually mount to for sale 80$ compass' etc, lemme know what you need, I'm sure I have it. also, have an x3 involved in a crash for...
  7. E

    DJI X3: Camera Works, Gimbal Does Not - Repair or For Parts

    I have a 1 year old DJI X3 from Inspire V2.0. The camera was gently landed on, and the Yaw arm broke and also damaged the ribon cable. The arm was a clean break, and has been repaired with an extremely thin layer of metal re-enforced epoxy, the ribon cable has also been replaced. I was going to...
  8. R

    WTB Inspire 1 power management board and battery terminal

    Hi Gang, As in the title, I want to buy some parts for the Inspire 1. I'm looking for a replacement power management board, and associated battery terminal for the TB47. Can anybody help?
  9. J

    Inspire 1 for parts

    I have a inspire 1 complete. But I crashed in the water and the electronics are completely fried. I'm selling it for just the frame and flight arms. I tried to salvage the electronics but nothing electrical works at all I can send pics and I use PayPal. Dm me or text me 850-890ninefour79
  10. G

    4X Inspire 3510H Motors + ESCs for Sale

    Hi there, I recently replaced all 4 motors/ESCs on one of our companies Inspires with brand new ones. Thought someone might be able to use the old ones still, they are in perfect working condition with roughly 35 flight hours. They are factory soldered to the ESCs. I'd prefer to sell them as a...
  11. jps0727

    Inspire 2 Shell Parts?

    So, not sure what happened but I was doing a post flight check today and found this pretty hole in the nose of the aircraft. DJI informed me that they don't sell these parts and I'd have to send the whole thing in to have this repaired. It looks pretty easy to remove and replace. Doesn't affect...
  12. A

    dji zenmuse x5 for parts not working

    Selling and damaged x5 camera for parts and repair not working. Most of the damage was done to the frame camera has to scratches of damage. asking $410 shipped
  13. A

    DJI Inspire 1 parts available for sale

    I am parting out my inspire 1, drone was working fine before taken apart. Please let me know what you need and I'll give you a price. I also have new parts available if needed of a v2.0 inspire.
  14. J

    Inspire 1 v1 - Parts Parts Parts

    After conducting a memorial service and wiping away the tears, I've parted out my Inspire 1. I am selling the parts here in hopes that they will help another stay aloft. Sadly I had a crash that left me with a bent frame and a broken arm. Hopefully this will be to your benefit. Below is the...
  15. Z

    Inspire V1 with ESC control error possibly for sale

    Hope its okay to post a hypothetical classified here. Yesterday I received an ESC control error and it will not go away even after dozens of restarts and battery swaps. I removed the ESC board and motor (no damage was done, much care was taken) but now I'm a little nervous about reinstalling a...
  16. I

    The DJI Sun Shade, any good?

    Fed up with Dazzel on your ipad while fly? Check out the DJI Inspire/Phantom Sun Shade. Is it any good? Does it do the job? Have a look. Check out the details on The DJI Sun Shade Part NO:57 Buy Remote Controller Monitor Hood for Tablets (Inspire 1, Phantom 3 Pro/Adv, Phantom 4) | DJI Store
  17. C

    Two Damaged Inspires For Parts Only

    Please check Ebay listing. Thanks http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/262504066614?
  18. Z

    For Sale: X3 Gimble and Camera (broken ribbon cable)

    I was disassembling my camera to paint the housing and tore one of the ribbon cables inside. Didn't have time to hunt for parts to repair on my own so I bought a new one. Hoping to sell this one. The gimble is still in excellent condition as well as the camera besides the ribbon cable. It's...
  19. Rustysilverwings

    Broken white front tube on Inspire foot - trouble!

    I should have been more cautious, but trust and need overwhelmed my judgement. A hard landing broke one of the white tubes on the front landing feet. I asked about it and several folks said there was nothing inside such as an antenna, and it could be removed and replaced with something similar...
  20. V

    Parting out an Inspire 1 with out X3 camera

    I Have an Inspire 1 that I am parting out or sell as is complete. The left are has damage to to the rear carbon arm. ( Snapped) Left rear motor is damaged as well. Everything else is in working order. Comes with one battery, new blades and controller. Under 5 hours flight time, purchased Sept...