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  1. K

    Trying to get to Course Lock, Home Lock, POI, Waypoints...

    In reference to my Inspire 1 Version 2, I have gone through the steps in the manual as indicated below but am not able to locate any of these Intelligent Flight Modes. What am I doing wrong? Thank You... have
  2. D

    Inspire 2, Point of Interest "coming soon" ???? When

    Hopefully DJI has someone monitoring this forum. I have had a P1, P2, P4, Inspire 1, and now a Mavic Pro (for travelling) and an Inspire 2 for more serious work. I do flying and film making as a hobby and use the quad-copters to enhance my home movies and for general enjoyment. The POI has been...
  3. LaunchHSV

    DJI Ground Station Pro Point Of Interest Mode -- GSPro POI Tutorial

    What are your thoughts on the POI Mode in GSPro?
  4. R

    HowTo 16 More Drone Cinematic Moves/Maneuvers/Techniques Tutorial+Controls for Landscapes/POIs of 71

    Hey all, I made a follow-up tutorial/how-to video of 16 MORE aerial cinematic movements/techniques complete with controls and some tips for a total of 71 maneuvers. I hope this can help new and intermediate drone flyers focus on the creative side. It’s my 11th day flying the Mavic so feedback is...
  5. R

    HowTo: Shoot Multiple POIs/Scapes in 1 Cut w/ Basic Drone Moves, Cinematic Tutorial/Controls/Tips 4K

    Hello! I made a quick tutorial video on using basic drone maneuvers to capture several POIs/scenes/landscapes in one cut. It’s my 8th day flying a drone and 3rd video with Premiere Pro so it won’t be as pro as others but I would love to hear any form of feedback. There seems to be a shortage...
  6. R

    Newland - Inspire 1 and filmmaking - Maiden Flight and Cut - Germany

    Hi Copterfriends, just got my new Inspire a couple days ago, btw. my 1st copter. After getting an insurance (required in Germany) real quick i went outside to shoot my 1st videos. Also had to get into video editing, never used FinalCut before, but flying is so much fun also found interest in...