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  1. Mark Titcombe

    X5S Video settings

    Can anyone recommend some settings to get the best looking video footage from the X5S? I dont have the licences so I will be using H264 or H265. Thanks in advance. Mark
  2. Tim

    Second Controller Joystick Settings

    Morning. I have a second controller setup as slave the I1 but the joysticks don't control the gimbal. I can change all the usual camera settings and control the gimbal via the app on the slave but just no control with the joysticks. Can someone point me to the settings which would allow...
  3. ASAPdrones

    Best Still photo settings for X5S?

    I hoping you can help me figure out what the best settings for some still photography with my x5s with the standard lens. Tomorrow I am going to try to take some high resolution shots of my friends white sports car holding the I2. I live in Arizona so there is a 100% chance of it being very...
  4. J

    What are your Gimbal Settings on the Inspire 2?

    Lets learn from each other.... What are your settings for the (Advanced) Gimbal Settings? We like to make smooth videos and are looking for some tips for these settings. On DJI 4 Go App: go to: Gimbal Settings -> Advanced Settings Our settings are: Max Gimbal Pitch Speed (8) Gimbal Pitch...
  5. M

    Inspire 2 Settings for Smooth Flight and Video Control

    Now that we're starting to receive the I2's. I'm looking for some advice.. I'm a bit new to video capture on a drone, but want to learn the proper way to keep my video looking smooth and professional. For example, it appears to me that the Yaw speed it quite fast. It's great for flying and...
  6. A

    tired of resetting camera everytime Inspire1/X5

    I am very happy with muy Inspire1 and X5, but every time I use it I have to adjust the camerasettings. I want to use it in M and other fixed settings as ISO, f-stop and other, but when I switch it off I have to do it all over again, everytime. Is there a way to keep the setting just as I set...
  7. zackski

    Broadcasting/Streaming live to a Jumbotron

    Has anyone streamed live during an event to a Jumbotron? I am looking for any advice for connections and video setting. The plan is a straight forward HDMI in, using long cable to move about.
  8. A

    Firmware compilation

    Hi all, Not sure if you have noticed but each new x5 firmware changes the characteristics of the camera, Some are improvements some are not. I have been researching peoples opinions on each firmware and have found it hard going. So I would like to use this post for people to give the version...
  9. S

    What sensitivity settings do you use for your cameraman remote.

    I currently fly an Inspire 1 Pro with two transmitters. My cameraman has flown other 2 person commercial UAVs with me before and finds the default settings to be "twitchy" and a little too sensitive. What we want to do is be able to create smooth, consistent pans, tilts and have all our...
  10. dronie

    Settings for Gain/Expo/Pitch EXP etc. Do you know what it all means?

    Do you know what ALL your Gain &Expo Tuning/Pitch EXP and Throttle settings does? I sure don't. But I would love to know! Some of them I can't notice a difference, some I can. I numbered all the settings in this one pic. Please respond what a NUMBER does - IF you know. Please don't make it a...