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  1. Derik Shean

    I2 and X5s with Olympus 45 mmm lens

    I bought a X5s for the I2 and I did an update and the camera connects and everything works however as soon as I power up the camera flip 90 degrees. It basically goes vertically. What am I doing wrong? Had a I1 with the x5 had no trouble.
  2. T

    Inspire 2 stability issues

    Ive been having some stability issues when I fly my inspire 2. When I take off there is a lot of drifting that happens even in perfect conditions. It constantly struggles to connect to more that 5-6 satellites and drifts 4-5 feet up and down when im flying and its killing me. Almost every shot I...
  3. rdweaver

    IMU & Gyroscope & MC DataErrors

    Hi, I am having trouble with my DJI Inspire 1 with the x3 camera. These are the errors I am getting (with the x3 gimbal off): When I try to re-calibrate the IMU, it gets hung up at 2% and then gives the message System temperate too low (this is done in a room that is around 70degrees F): My...
  4. calde315

    X3 Gimbal issues/solutions thread

    I didn't see a conglomerate thread where people have posted issues & solutions (to those issues) to common problems that happen to the X3. I know it's now an old camera and most are on X5/X5R/X5s but I would like to have a functioning X3 to complement my X5 camera. The one I currently have...
  5. droneondemand

    Inspire One Pro Gimble Vibration : Video Unuseable

    Something bizarre happening with my Inspire/Zenmuse x5. The gimble when connected to the aircraft is vibrating really rapidly and strongly. Also hear a "grinding" type noise coming from it. (Similar to the noise it makes when booting up) I did not visibly notice this issue, it was only after...
  6. K

    Can not initialize inspire 1. Shoot coming up. Need to fly asap

    Hello, I was practicing flying the inspire 1 at home about a month ago. Everything was great. A train had gone by and I was flying backward to get a pull away shot and then the Next thing I know I heard an audible message came up saying "your getting close to the perimeter of the flight area"...