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X3 Gimbal issues/solutions thread

Jan 16, 2016
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I didn't see a conglomerate thread where people have posted issues & solutions (to those issues) to common problems that happen to the X3. I know it's now an old camera and most are on X5/X5R/X5s but I would like to have a functioning X3 to complement my X5 camera.

The one I currently have displays image just fine and allows you to do all the in camera controls, but the gimbal itself is sporadic and seems to be not calibrated. I've done quite a bit of research and found that the nuts themselves need to oriented just right because there is a Hall-effect sensor that gives the gimbal board the relative location of the motor axis. If these are screwed up, you'll get a) a gimbal that appears dead, b)uncoordinated, slightly scary, random movements from some of the motors or c) a camera image that is off severly. Normally this is accompanied by some sort of error on the screen about gimbal limit exceeded or such.

This guy that did these youtube videos did a great job for people like me who wanted to visually understand before trying again. Here is his channel, and I'm not affiliated with this guy, nor know him, but his videos are pretty good. If you're on here, maybe you could chime in!
Kersley Albert
My specific question is with the roll axis. I've got the pitch down as he said, but not understanding on how he's marked the roll axis nut.

For those that have successfully reworked your X3 gimbals, do you have any helpful info for those of us that are rebuilding or bringing back to life and old one? There is a lot of knowledge on these boards from talking to some individuals on here, but it would be nice to aggregate all of the that know how into one thread for others down the road. I have no issue updating and organizing this thread if it comes to that.

Thanks in advance!
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