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4K Video Editing

Jul 13, 2015
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Is it possible to save the 4k video to the iPad for editing and viewing? It only lets me save 1080p video I believe, although I'm not to familiar with the photography portion of the bird yet... I would like to be able to edit right on my iPad with iMovie if possible. Any help would be great!! Thanks!
No. 4K needs a tremendous amount of power to handle, it's beefy computer territory.

If you shoot 1080 you should be able to import it to the iPad with the Camera connection kit though.
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I use an microsd adapter to upload my 4k footage to my iPad mini 2 and am able to watch the videos. Not sure if the iPad compresses them but they look hd. I don't use my iPad to edit as I use my mac for that.

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i use an MBP late 2014 with 16gb of ram and the 512GB ssd drive (i think it has an nvidia 750) i can do full hd and 2k ok (not realtime) but 4k its a struggle, FCPX takes its sweet time to render and resolve drops dead with the footage. you will probably require a very good and fast GFX card to handle 4k in a reasonable manner
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