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A message to the accident prone!

Would you be interested?

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Jan 14, 2015
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I recently had my first user error 'boo-boo' with my Inspire.. Right before I was to leave for the Falcon Heavy launch. In a rush- I needed a quick and fast way to repair my inspire without risking it's future integrity during flight. I quickly machined out a simple piece to patch the damaged Carbon Fiber arm/ boom that had been the only real catastrophic damage from the incident.

After I made the piece, I got to thinking how much a simple repair kit like this was needed in the industry..

I want to gauge interest in the possibility of selling these pieces to provide a 'cheap' or even 'on location' repair solution for broken carbon fiber boom assemblies during these types of incidents.

Please provide feedback to your opinion if I should list these on the forum as a simple kit and attach a write up. The fix is very stable and aligned perfectly. After this repair was made, I have decided against purchasing the 150-250$ arm and going through a disassembly or sending it out for repair!

The Bandage was added for cosmetic purposes and was later removed and replaced with electrical tape :D

IMG_0900.jpg IMG_0910.jpg IMG_0930.jpg IMG_0946.jpg

The piece is lightweight aluminium and makes no difference during flight. Installation is application specific, but will be able to be installed without removing motor.
I can include the correct tool bit to remove the motor as well if needed.
Looks good. Did you also consider buying a loose piece of Carbon tubing - but not from DJI ? I bought a few for other purposes recently.
I personally wouldn’t be interested because I carry around carbon matting and resin for any repairs I need to make in a hurry if it ever comes about. Handy thing to have for some I’m sure it would be.

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