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A small dose of rain for the central valley....

I have satsumas in my orchard in Texas. I do get seeds from time time, and never thought about cross pollination. Thanks! Interesting!
Yeah I'm a ranch manager and work with Sun Pacific which is the company who has the "Cuties" name and they have huge deals with McDonald's and such and have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in a nice neat cute little seedless variety of orange so they do this net covering to 10's of thousands of acres every year.
I run a large Ag Chemical business in the Gulf Coast of Texas and I have driven South to North through the California valleys. It amazes me the diversity and how intense and cutting edge the state is. Seems flying an Inspire over all the orchards and produce would be amazing!

Amazes me the what a great promotion campaign they did promoting the Cuties. Someone is pretty sharp!

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