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Absolute Mountains: Dolomites, Swiss alps, Italian Alps in 5K [OC]

Truly incredible. I'm sure it made a lot of skiers and rock climbers drool. What also impresses me is the logistical achievement. I can't imagine how you got to a location to fly many of those. How far away were you on the more distant shots. You were also flying in a lot of wind in some of those early shots it appears from the blowing snow. If your drone had gone down you'd never be able to even attempt a rescue.

As I look through the Inspire, Phantom and Mavic forums and hot topics I'm always amazed at how many Phantom pilots post vides and how few Inspire videos show up on the hot topics list every weekend. But, when one does show up it frequently blows my mind, like this one.

I'm humbled by the amount of work, terabytes, hiking and time that went into this. I won't ever complain again about how much work some little drone footage I shot was...lol... Spectacular example of what a drone can do in the right hands.

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