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Aftermarket Cameras and Software coming?

Jun 28, 2014
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I've been looking around online and can't find much in the way of aftermarket or improved parts coming for the Inspire 1. Have any of you seen anything?

Specifically I'm wondering about different cameras, apps that use the API, etc. Has anybody announced any plans?
Haven't seen any yet, I'm sure DJI will come up with something though, as good as the camera is it could do with improvements as I'm sure you know. Also sure others will make a camera that fits, though personally I wouldn't fit a non-DJI camera to an I1, for the same reason I only buy DJI batteries for my P2.
Just my thoughts. :)
The api isn't released yet so it's pretty normal there are no other apps.
I frankly doubt that DJI would publish specs to allow making hardware aftermarket additions.
Not to mention the Inspire is still very new, as far as general availability goes. I wouldn't expect to see any major aftermarket accessories for quite a while. It's taken nearly a year for any of the real P2V+ stuff to come about, such as modifications to the repeater or antennas. The telemetry data still hasn't been fully reverse-engineered.

But anyway, it will happen. It'll just be a few more months while people get theirs and can test.

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