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Another Renaat ND video

So those files are straight from camera? 1/60 shutter speed I presume?
To me the nd32 looks noticeably warmer but that's about it. I have a set I plan on testing too
**** forgot to note the settings but yes straight from camera. No post processing at all.

Manual exposure
ISO 100

Nice. I did note the ND32 seemed much warmer as well from your clip. I started out with ND8 and auto everything on a sunny day but I'm going to definitely dig into the N16 and N32 after seeing this and going manual.
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**** Damon I thought you've been using manual exposure.

You liar! :p

Heh. Last flight was auto everything since I was broadcasting live. Usually I set AE locked and go semi-manual. The shots I've been getting in bright sunshine though really left a lot to be desired without a proper ND filter.

But now, I should be able to don my ND16 or ND32 and set things up properly before launch and not get poor quality shots.

Thanks for the Filter review and the details.... After the fact. Nice seeing my Bella and in the crazy gusts of wind we had that day. I'm pretty sure that was my suspect battery #4 flight :). Anyways nice ND review, thanks OC.
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