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Any Chicago Area pilots care to connect?

Jan 8, 2015
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New to Inspire and looking to share knowledge and support each other? Me too. Been flying here for a few years shooting from a few DJI platforms and have made the Inspire leap recently.

Hit me up here in the lounge, lets connect and conspire to Inspire!
jon b - Would love to meet up and chat - Currently have an Inspire 1 myself. It would be great to have another contact in the city, maybe help each other out on some projects? Send me an email at [email protected] Lok forward to hearing from you.
Considering getting an Inspire 1. Would like to take some interesting views of a sailboat club I belong to, based in Belmont harbor. I think there are incredible possibilities. Interested to see what the Inspire 1 is really like before I buy one. Can trade boating time on a 42' sailboat for a glimpse of this new propellered robot world if any are interested in sharing.

Also curious to know if the Inspire 1 software supports Follow Me use cases where a person is on a boat, with home landing spot being onshore. Anyone tried something like that?

Hi Stu. I have an Inspire and and shooting often around the lake and harbors. Happy to have you join me one of these nice days.
I sail out of Montrose so at the least we should exchange coordinates and who knows, capture each others fine sailing vessels in action.
I'll send you a PM shortly.
Hello all. My name is Jason. I live in the south suburbs and own an inspire 1.
Interested in talking to other pilots in the area...
North Chicago suburbs, Skokie. New to the hobby and would appreciate tips and tricks. Hit me up, 312-6311668. Excited to hear from you guys.

Hi John I would love to connect. I haven't met anyone yet with an Inspire 1, it seems like everybody is hiding or being very discrete.
I am visiting Chicago from stl.

I want to do some night flight tonight. I am downtown. Leave in the morning. But I brought 5 batteries. I am going to the lake to shoot
Some night shots of city lights

Any suggestions.???????

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