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Anyone had any gimbal twitching?

Jan 19, 2015
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I've not flown more than 4 hours and admittedly I have had a small crash, following which I assumed everything was okay.

However, on a practice flight at the weekend, once I returned home and watched the video I noticed a "gimbal twitch". It only happened twice from about 25 minutes of film and it happened within a minute of each other.

What's interesting is that this looks like the gimbal is compensating for the rotation of the aircraft - the video was taken with the aircraft rotating, not the camera / gimbal independently. When I rotate the camera there is no issue (that I have seen) - so in effect this isn't really a problem but it's something I'm wondering if other people are experiencing and I can't get onto the DJI forums at the moment?

Has anyone else noticed this? It doesn't look like a (broken) hardware issue to me. More like an environmental issue or something software related or maybe the gimbal needs calibrating. I have similar experiences with the Phantom 2 & H3-3D.

In the video see between 1:15 - 1:40

This twitch happens most of the time when there is a compass glitch. Since testing the upcoming firmware I have yet to see one. I was getting them pretty regularly on .16.
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@blade_strike - thanks for the info. You've helped me considerably this week. Much appreciated!

I commented that DJI should publish a public list of recognised issues along with a roadmap of when patches are likely to be released to fix them. It wasn't too well received - I think people thought I was trying to get them reveal their secrets! Do you have any sway on this or any email addresses of people I could contact to suggest thing like this? You can find my email address on my website or DM me on Twitter if you like.

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