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Battery Mod......Storage container

Dec 9, 2018
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Some place in Utah
Thought I would share how I made a dead battery into a storage container for filters,parts,cables,etc. I have seen various 3D printed battery shaped storage solutions but without a 3D printer currently in my inventory don't really have that option, I'm sure plenty of you are in the same boat. Also I'm sure more then a few of you have a dead battery.

Step one taking the battery apart:
I'm sure you have all seen how this is done. You have the 2 tabs in plain view on each end as well as the 8 hidden under the top cover. Once a part I also split the lower halves apart. This just makes it easier to remove the guts of the battery.

Step two reassembly:
I used an epoxy what I'm sure other glues will work. Take the metal skins that surround the battery cells and glue them to the lower halves. I also glued the rubber bottom piece in, I'm sure you could cut something else to fit if you desired to do so. Place some glue onto tabs that hold the two lower halves together and snap them back together. Allow glue to dry.

Step three completing the project:
Really this could be before step 2 I guess just the way I did it. Shave the 4 outer most tabs from the top cover leaving the 4 inner ones. File or shave the 2 tabs on each end of the lower half. If you choose to do so label it sticker it up..do as you please. Fill it up with you parts and pieces ,snap the top on and stuff it in your case.

To remove the top just give it a light squeeze in the middle of the lower half while pulling on the top and it will pop right off.


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Apr 27, 2015
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Tiptree Essex UK
I did the same to one of mine awhile back. Found it very useful.

Last year I had the dreaded cell broken message appear for one of my TB48 batteries.

Luckily it was still under warranty and dji replaced it with a new one.

I have been keeping the damaged one safe in case someone has a magic fix to repair it, but that seems unlikely to happen.

Rather than throw it all away I decided to remove the cells and turn it into a storage box for the many small components we carry.

This was an easy mod to do, this link may help to show how it comes apart.

I filed the locking lugs down which hold the top cover on so that it can be removed easily.

However I cannot stress enough that working on a lipo battery should not be attempted unless you are confident you know what you are doing. We all know what could happen, and the magic smoke is not good.

Finally dispose of the unwanted cells in a proper safe manner of your choice.

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