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BUYER BEWARE "drones ect..."

Jan 5, 2015
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Milwaukee WI
I placed an order on Amazon for the inspire over 3 weeks ago I received confirmation that my card was charged they did just now call me back but I have taken half the day off because I was told I had to sign for the package so that was wasted it just seems like shady business they never informed me of this was the situation I was led to believe it was on the way. Mabey some people have had good luck with them but my excitement has switched over to being excited to cancel my order with them.
Usually for orders insured over $200 a signature is required for delivery. If you cannot be at home to accept the package you can call UPS or FedEx to have them keep it at the store for you.
I cancel from them ordered December 15 sent me a Layard to keep my order and charged me in full for the inspire 1 on amazon. They could not tell me if I was on the their next shipment. Call them and cancel and wanted a refund Asap I ordered from CopterShop had them in stock and its on the way.
No its a single but they may have a dual ordered on Wensday shipped Thursday they have a number on the web page.they were on world new a while back they had a prototype stolen and the crooks forgot to take the controller. Lol
I just received my Inspire 1 from CopterShop today. I have been very happy with their responsiveness and they shipped my unit within hours of me ordering it.
You guys should count yourself as lucky. I am in Australia and ordered and paid for my machine on December 10 and still waiting and told still no accessories like second controller or batteries. Not feeling very special at all.

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I had zero issues with Ordering from DJI to which I received mine on Thursday, Jan 15th and glad I did. There are a few glitches which I'm sure DJI will clear up but other then that all is well with the Inspire. If anyone wants to order one in the US with great support dronesmadeeasy.com is usually where I got mine in the past. They will test fly and calibrate everyone before they send it out.
They will test fly and calibrate everyone before they send it out.
I wouldn't want someone opening my brand new Inspire before I received it much less doing flight tests and calibrating it for me. Hell sometimes that's half the fun! Besides that's how you learn best by doing it yourself (JMHO). Although that is a nice service that they offer customers not willing to do it themselves.
I ordered mine from them and they had great CS and shipped quick. I would buy from them again.
It seems negative comments are being removed from this thread.

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Most likely their amizon store has been selling a lot to bad they can't fill the orders that have since early December. Why would you keep listing them for shipment when you do not know when or how many your company going to receive.maybe they need a better relationship with their dji sales Representative.its a very poor business practice.
I agree COPTER SHOP emailed me last night they are going to ship UPS due to USPS being closed on Monday nice guy. Between UAV outlet and copter shop so far I hope they will stock parts do not want to deal with anyone else

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