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Cache map reverting to gray grids?

Jan 29, 2014
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Because of the cold, I have been trying to use the simulator and to fire up the motors (without propellers) indoors to make sure all seems to be working. My problem is the APP starts with the map and when I go to either start the motors and/or to go into the simulator, the map starts and then does to a gray scaled grid.

With wifi on (Air2) and with cache map selected in the Pilot APP, I move the map around assuming that it is loading. I then put the Air2 in airplane mode. I connect the APP, TX, then I1. I can see the map in the corner and when I select the map screen and in the simulator the map is there to start. However, the map reverts to a gray scale grid at different points, i.e. just after firing up the motors; or selecting the map function in the APP, or in the simulator starting a second flight,etc. No maps.

I have tried shutting down the Air2 and then turning back on the wifi AND having to delete and reload the Pilot APP. Then, I get the maps back and make sure that the "cache map" is selected and I can see the map in all functions. I then go into airplane mode and reconnect everything and the map is there to start but at some time it just reverts to a gray grid without any map.

Anyone experience this? Or have a suggestion as to how to keep the maps when using the APP?

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