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Change Reel Number When Formatting SSD?

Jul 29, 2016
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Just wrapped my first week of shooting with the X5R and doing some file management before the project goes into post. I'm using Resolve to do a quick grade on everything before kicking out ProRes422LT proxies for editing in Premiere. We'll reconnect to the DNGs for color grading in Resolve. I notice that the reel number for all of the clips is A01119. On our next shoot--is there a way to change the reel number when I format the SSD?

The reason is that I ended up with duplicate file names. The file name has the date in it, which is great if you only shoot one card a day. But when we did a morning session, downloaded, then formatted the card for an evening session we're starting over with exactly the same file names as we had in the morning because the reel number doesn't advance.

On our RED camera the reel number goes up one digit each time you insert a card in the camera and format. So the first card of the shoot is reel number A001 and the second is A002 etc. That way you only end up with duplicate file names if you override the auto increment feature.

So what's up with that? Am I missing something obvious? Is there some "format options" menu that I haven't found?

Thanks! This camera is AMAZING. Game changer.
In the Go App under settings scroll down and there is a setting for file naming/type and you can change it to continuous so files numbers change each time
What he said ^^^^^^^ :)
(FYI, RED, Arri's and Sony's are all the same and give the same continuous or reset file numbering option you just need to know your device/menu options)

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