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Compass Calibration

Jan 20, 2015
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I know this is very basic, but I have a question about compass calibration.

I select calibrate compass on my app and the screen takes you through the 2 steps...light should be yellow on the back of the Inspire...full circle holding the craft horizontally...then wait for a green light and make another full circle with the Inspire, holding it nose down, or vertically.

My question is this...when I go through this procedure, the screen on my app never really confirms that the compass has been calibrated successfully. To get out of the screen, I need to select cancel calibration...I wait for a long period of time, and nothing seems to happen...I can't get out of the calibration screen/prompt unless I hit cancel calibration.

I then set the craft on the ground...note that the back light is blinking green...my satellite bars are full, there is a message on the screen that it is safe to fly - gps mode. I check my map and see the little airplane icon is in the location from which I'm taking off.

But I am wondering if I need to do anything different with the calibration process?

Thanks for your help.
well, when i lunch the calibration i start the "dance" until the tail led do not change color. Than I put it vertical and, again, i do not stop until the led do not change status. After that the apps is returned ti the original screen.This work for me...:D
After you calibrate, just go into your Advanced Settings>Sensors and verify that the Compass Mod value is between 1400 - 1600. Ideally, it should be close to 1500. If it's hovering around 1500, then your compass is calibrated.
As I understand it...when you press calibrate, a yellow light comes on the back of the inspire...this is what happens for me.

I make 1 revolution holding the inspire horizontally...I wait for the green light to come on...then I make 1 revolution holding the inspire vertically.

My calibrate screen on my app stays on...it does not indicate that the compass is calibrated...the calibration screen with the little diagrams of how you should be moving the inspire just stays on...nothing changes after I do the 2 separate revolutions with the inspire.

I end up pressing cancel calibration and set the inspire on the ground...the back light starts to blink green...which does indicate I have gps control...I think...the dji video on how to fly tells us we need a blinking purple light for gps control confirmation.

I think that I have calibrated the craft properly, but it just seems weird that I have to press cancel calibration to get to other screens I need on the app to monitor and fly the inspire properly.

I am using the non-sanctioned software downloaded after DJI pulled the IOS app. I'm using and IPad air. Software seems to work well...just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly with this compass calibration.
As Rig has explained above, confirm your compass mod value is in the acceptable range.

If it is, you're good to go.

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