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Compass Will not Calibrate, ideas?

Mar 23, 2015
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Tried preforming a compass calibration a number of times. Never Crashed, in the sensors menu is shows -617, -135, 759, 1147. as the numbers.

Any ideas on how to reset, calibrate, etc. I have been flying it for months now and never had issues calibrating before, so yes i know how to do it.
Can I degauss the compass on this unit somehow? where is it located in the craft to try that.
I have done advanced imu. The uav acts like its drunk it kind of styarts to "fall over" in the sky and I have to compensate for it. its sort of like glying in full manual mode back in the day before atti mode.
Does it actually give you a calibration error or not? Nowhere in your posts do you mention if you get a "cannot calibrate" error of if you just "assume" it does not calibrate correctly based on bad behavior in flight.
I was wondering if the calibrations numbers are the issue, I assume its the compass, It could be something else, the flight characteristics mirrored what I have experienced before with a bad calibration on a compass. What else could be the culprit for the odd flight?

edit: no calibration error shown on the app.
I'd suggest an IMU calibration (perfectly flat and stable surface), then compass calibration (on location).
If that doesn't help try a different location several km away (recalibrate compass), if still no better it's time to contact DJI support.

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