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Compass Won't Calibrate/No Video Stream

Troubleshooting a bird at work....their Inspire will turn on, flash red/yellow, no video feed transmits, but camera will move.

I keep having the same problem. I found out that two out of four batteries when inserted this happens, it just says lost signal and no video feed to the RC.
always the same two batteries? do they have the same firmware?
Yes all the same fw (the latest). Tried re installing the fw but no joy. Still getting no signal message at the top centre and no pic.
you say two out of four batteries do it, do you mean you have two batteries that dont work or that it doesnt work 50% of the time?
2xTB48's out of the 4 don't work although they have full charge. Even inserted into the ac and switched on the gimble does it dance the picture is on, then after approx 5 seconds the picture disappears and at the top centre it displays no signal. If I could get shou to work I could show you. Will try again today to sort it.

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