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Mar 20, 2014
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Boston, MA
A few questions I was wondering:

1. With the new hopefully improved camera for the inspire on the way, do you think that the new handheld gimbal will work with both the original and new cameras? I know gimbals are typically very tightly balanced based on the camera.

2. Will we need / want to use the ND filter on sunny outdoor shots? Same threading on old and new cameras?

3. With the new camera coming (hopefully!) what will folks do with their original cameras?
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when the new camera comes out, I will use the original camera on my handheld gimbal that I purchase
I unfortunately "clipped" the gimbal and camera on a snow bank 2 months ago. I found a camera on ebay due to 6 week repair cycle. I have since received the original back (free repair), and now await the handheld accessory for my "spare" camera lol.
In my case... my (now spare) camera (off Inspire #1) will likely find a home on a M100 someday...
(assuming DJI does not turn that in to fluster cuck 2.0 like the Inspire has been... :mad: )
AND assuming I don't break the one I use on my current bird... :oops:

With that said... My opinion is either DJI or some third party will someday ship a handheld gimbal mount for the X3 and any further upgraded versions to follow...
My guess is DJI will stick with the mounting interface for some time... (same is on M100)

Their biggest market down the road will be the upgrade path that current owners represent...
People will not buy a new (high dollar) Inspire class drone to replace a good working unit...
But allot of people will spend smaller money to upgrade... if the value prop is there...

Look at Video cards in PC's as an example... of how this kind of market works...

Even so... in my mind it better be 8K res at 240 fps for under $1k if you want to really get my attn... :eek: :p
And we all know the current state of tech... is that value prop at specs shown is several years off...
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The PilotFly FunnyGo (likely a really bad translation from the Chinese) is a hot little 3-axis gimble for GoPros. The other major developer's hand-held gimbal is inferior to this. It sells (directly from Taiwan) for $375.00. If you already own a GoPro, this is the way to go. The DJI camera lists for about $550.00 now, which is more than you can pick up a new GoPro Hero4 Silver for. Why the Silver and not the black? When using these gimbals you want to SEE what your camera is seeing. Although you CAN use the Camera App from GoPro and mount some form of bracket on your handle, this is quite awkward and may likely drop your (in my case) iPhone. The GoPro Hero4 Silver has an integrated touch screen/monitor built in and has the same dimensions as the earlier GoPro Hero3s, that this gimbal was designed to hold.

A perfect solution, and one can do a lot more with this combo for hand-held gimbal work.

I want one of these as well, but NOT if the price is too high. After all, the major electronics are already in the Cam-Gimbal unit. All this handle is, is a battery holder and grip with perhaps a tilt/rocker switch — likely the same internal electronics as in their thumb control for the DJI Ronin-M, and that sells for a paltry $100.00 (a lot for a switch however! : )

I hope we have news soon. But, in the meantime check out this great gimbal: <http://copter-rc.com/en/catalog/35-pilotfly-funnygo-bt-3axis-stabilizer-for-gopro-3-4.html>.

BEWARE of the two gotchas. 1) There is also a 2-axis (older) version that is a lot cheaper... 2) The HiFlySky FunnyGo 'look-alike' is NOT the same thing, even though they look really similar.

If you want a comparison (before the BlueTooth versions of the FunnyGo began to ship for $375.00) between the Feiyu-Tech G3 (another competitor producing GoPro gimbals) FunnyGo, see here: <

Additionally, they now offer a VERY nice (and compact) 790.00 USD 3-Axis, 32-bit gimbal for lightweight mirrorless cameras (like the GH4)! These will not take onboard gear like focus pullers or transmitter (for wireless video monitoring), but using the GH4 and Panasonic auto focus lenses (like the pancake ƒ2.0) one can shoot some quality footage. Check it out here: <PILOTFLY H1+ 32bit Handheld 3axis Stabilizer for Mirrorless camera - Copter-RC>

Personally, I am saving up for a Ronin-M, but this is another option at ½ the price, and it works!

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