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Dear Jason, The Editor, and Baby Jesus. :)

Great idea although depends on the platform and version of Inspire Pilots. There are always options such as G+ with Hangouts, FACEBOOK with messenger, but most of all I agree, we are already here and would be a GREAT ADDITION[emoji6]!! Make it Happen guys lol.. We have the technology..
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I guess you're right.

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No response from our highnesses as yet.

We are busy with royal duties :p

I think it is unlikely to happen guys since that defeats the object of a forum. 'Live' chat would make things even more messy (housekeeping wise) than they are at the moment.
Additionally, for it to be of use to the community as a whole, transcripts would have to stay archived for people to read through and there would be a lot of 'chat' going backwards and forwards to sift through.

Additionally - it would have to be moderated in real time (someone would/should man the 'profane button') and that's a resource issue as well as a server space issue.

One thinks it is unlikely - Now....where is my tiara?:p
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Your majesty! Lol
What about an IRC channel? With staff members and FLS members etc etc.
I'd be up for that!
I'd love a live channel. An IRC channel would be awesome! Should we post a pole?
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What, Inspire Pilots Helpdesk - Live Chat 24/7 :p
You are talking live:
"Hi, I'm the Editor. How can I help you today?"

Would it not be the same problem though as it is a live environment?
Profanity/attack/troll patrol and keeping records of conversations?

And....... I would get RSI :mad:
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