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Delay in delivery of inspire1

Aug 2, 2014
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Got this email from DJI

Storeagent01 (DJI)

Nov 22 10:03

Dear xxxxxxx (Airdrone,)

Thank you for your feedback.

Your Inspire 1 order 047000000XXX will still ship in round 1 time frame. However, due to the delay in delivery on production materials during this peak season for manufacturing industry, we are sorry to inform you all that our ETD for DJI INPSIRE 1 will have to change to mid-December, 2014 from our initial planning 1st week of December, 2014. We will announce the official delivery date one week in advance.

Thank you for your understanding.

What do they mean by etc ETD for inspire 1????
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I bet that's why dronefly.com changed their estimated shipping on their website yesterday from first week of Dec to mid Dec...

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Same here in Norway. I really hope they don't cut the price after a few weeks like they did with the phantom vision plus.
For those of you who have ordered inspirere1 from the homepage of the DJI. Viewing my order number starts with 047000000xxx
which numbers are starting with your order ??
Sigh... have an epic Maldives trip Dec 20th I was hoping to have it for ready and tested. Ordered from my local Thailand dealer, hope he is in first lot.
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I'm hearing the same thing from my dealer. I haven't ordered yet, I want to see it in person first. But when I checked with them on Friday Nov. 21, they indicated very much the same thing, that there was a potential for delivery around the middle of December, but they felt candidly, that they were not sure that DJI will even make that date. One would have thought that if they were going to intro the Inspire, they would have had manufacturing already lined up. Clearly, they wanted to drive Christmas spending toward their product and away from competitors, but now to delay, is a disappointment. Im sure they aren't happy about it either...
Both the Phantoms were delayed as well. I was going to be very surprised if this made the estimated ship date. Would like to show it off at Christmas to friends and family but I'm not sure if that's going to happen...oh well, more room in the car for presents!
It's funny, in western culture we have figured out that sales are greatest when the product is one the shelf when it is announced. Apparently DJI has not figured this out yet.
What do you mean western culture has figured it out? There are plenty of western companies that miss launch dates, lots of vaporware coming out from western cultures as well. Apple is one of the very few companies to have mastered shipping within days of announcing a new model. Yet even they announced the original iPhone months before it shipped, and most recently announced the Apple Watch without ship date. New product launches are not easy for anyone, especially for young companies like DJI. It has nothing to do with western culture or not.
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Ok, I concede, not every western company has it figured out. It just seems more common. I know of many western companies that have figured this out. It definitely takes money to put product on the shelf before announcing it. It is also a sign of maturity and confidence in a new design. Earnings from having product inventory at the time of announcement are certainly much better than not. If in fact DJI has discovered some issues or is having some manufacturing difficulties then I applaud them for delaying shipping to take care of it rather than have issues get into the hands of their valued early adopters of which I count myself as one.
dji is still preselling the crap out of these. my guess is it will be more than a month before over half of the orders get filled and any ones after christmas will find none available due to overselling.
who knows..we will see.
Frankly I'd prefer wait and see. No stock is a good thing to me, at least it helps cool me down a bit. Let's see how it flies and more user reports will come. It is not uncommon for DJI to offer another 'improved' version in half a year time. Will see.

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[Quote = "Bresson, post: 649, medlem: 4868"] Oppriktig jeg foretrekker vente og se. Ingen lager er en god ting for meg, i hvert fall det bidrar til å kjøle meg ned litt. La oss se hvordan det flyr og mer bruker rapporter vil komme. Det er ikke uvanlig for DJI å tilby en annen "forbedret" versjon i et halvt års tid. Vil se.

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