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Discharging Batteries

Apr 5, 2015
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I have a question about a possible way to quickly discharge my Inspire 1 batteries. I have a 400 watt programmable DC Load. I'm wondering if I want to discharge these batteries, what wattage or current would be safe to use.

Also, I know when you turn on your Inspire 1 and just leave it the AC will shut itself down when it gets down too low. Does anyone know if this is the battery shutting things down at a low voltage point or the AC?

I'm just wondering if I can put a specific current setting into the DC Load and walk away and the battery turn itself off when it's totally discharged, or should I make an external circuit that shuts off the DC Load when the battery get's to a specific voltage?
The battery will turn itself off. I discharge with 4A as that's the max my charger will do with 6s (80W).

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Excuse the ignorance, but what do you mean 4A? I have no idea what that means, but I'm interested in discharging my batteries from time to time.
A Programmable DC Load is a device that you would use to create a load on a circuit. It's used mostly by people that make things like power supplies. I just happen to have one and it can be set to create a specific load on a battery so I can use this to drain my batteries w/o having to put them in the Inspire.

Not saying that people should run out and get one of these, as they are not a cheap date, but if you have one on your bench already why not use it. :)

Is this a device for discharging batteries?
In my case I just use my iCharger 3010B charger and set it to 4A discharge current, 6s lipo and 3.1V/cell termination. It will thus slow down discharge current when it reaches 6*3.1V, and as that's apparently also the set point for the I1's battery low cell voltage protection eventually the lowest cell will reach that and the battery will turn itself off, but discharge will be at low current by then.
Jim and Kilrah, thank you for the information.

Yes, nearly $700 to discharge batteries is a tad steep for me. :confused: Attempting to use complicated pieces of equipment like that are well above my pay grade.
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could you put light bulb on to discharge batteries with wires attached to battery connection ??
I use this. FW in Beta now for Storage Mode. It's so nice to be able to drop in DJI batteries and set them for Storage Mode regardless of current charge.

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damoncooper what is that discharge watts for storage mode?

I'm currently using a CBA IV and discharging at 5.75amps x10 for breaking in my new inspire batteries. (time consuming but I don't mind) better fail at the bench than in the air.

Note: discharging with 5.75amps to 23.65 volts x 10 cycles.

I use this. FW in Beta now for Storage Mode. It's so nice to be able to drop in DJI batteries and set them for Storage Mode regardless of current charge.

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I have one of these too, but am unaware of the ability to set it to storage mode.

Would you be able to let me know where I can find out more about this facility please?

Thanks in advance
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I got the message, that I should discharge the battery to 5% and then recharge to 50% if I am storing it. Discharged on the Inspire (waiting for Inspire Angel) down to nothing, recharged so that the 3rd light was flashing.
Recharged before flight, but got the same warning message. Battery was at 100% and cells were at 4.32. Could the message to discharge/recharge be some type of glitch?

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