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INSPIRE 2 Litchi Waypoints

Oct 10, 2023
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a Inspire 2 on 1.25.00 I set 2 waypoints one at the starting location and one down the street when it got to the second waypoint it was set to HOVER when it got there it was hovering and wouldn’t return home the battery got low and force it to RTH once it got back to my location I was at it was 200ft in air I clicked LAND it said landing 3 different times and would only come down a few feet and eventually battery died and fell out the sky… anyone know what could of caused this problem? Wouldn’t let me fly it manual either.. It has glitched multiple times and would make me where the drone would literally do nothing 20 feet away from me but sometimes it works good like went 4500 ft away no problems before starting loosing signal
Some waypoint programs turn your tablet into the flight controller. So you have to disconnect that program to regain manual control. I don't use Litchi, but it should have a "Disconnect" soft button somewhere in the interface. Simply closing the program doesn't always work.

If the "Disconnect" fails, put your drone in ATTI mode.

NOTE: I've seen a pattern of newer drones that make you enable the "ATTI feature" (AKA: "Multiple flight modes" (?)) (ATTI mode is more a "tool" really) in software. I ALWAYS enable ATTI mode on all my drones.

If ATTI mode fails to regain control, the RTH button is always my last, last resort. But once RTH initializes, and the drone is close enough to you, you can then throw her in ATTI mode so you can land the drone manually. I had to do this for the first time in YEARS just 2 weeks ago.

litchi has never done that to me turned the tablet into a controller but i haven,t had inspire 2. mavic pro ,mavic 2 pro ,spark and inspire1,v2 all love returning home on missions if i,ve made it to long they return home on there own its been a great program for searching and smooth video but all these are older aircraft, hope you figure it out

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