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Dji App not uploading flight Data to cloud

Mar 4, 2015
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Since owning the Inspire 1 I have been using my Iphone 6 when flying but now using an Ipad mini I want to transfer all my flight data/logs to the new one.

But when I go to upload from my phone i get error messages saying it cannot be uploaded

Anyone know how to help or what I'm doing wrong?

Eek! Are you logged in with the same username on both apps? Tried restarting both devices? Those are basic things, but perhaps someone can provide more definitive advice.
Hey Alexander, I've tried all that. Also when trying to look at any flight data it crashes the app which I assume has something to do with it.

Thanks for the Info sirnikolas I guess I'll have to wait a little.
Flight data to the cloud - I didn't know you cold sync data to the cloud but now that I look at it again I see the icon. I tried it and as far as I can tell it worked fine for me. Pilot App version 1.0.2

Sirinikolas - They have 24/7 tech support. Ever time I call all i get is their hours of operation recording. What number are you dialing.
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When I had the app on my Ipad it worked fine. but before when using my iphone 6 I have this issue.
I uploaded the data from 47 flights. It took about 5 minutes and looked like it co,mpleted. So I logged into my DJI account and can't find where they are stashing the data? How do you access what you upload to the cloud via DJI Pilot app??
Has this situation been resolved, I'm having the problem backing to the cloud
Can't upload them also,so here we go again just waiting that DJI solved this again.I'm prepared for a long wait.:(

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