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DJI Inspire 3 is live for purchase at Florida Drone Supply

Florida Drone Supply

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Dec 8, 2016
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We had a great response to our pre-launch, pre-order campaign, now that we know all of the specs, the official DJI Inspire 3 is live on our site.
Estimated shipping date is 5-16-23. These will move fast! You can still pre-order, or you can move forward with the complete purchase now.
If you have any questions, please give us a call at 855-837-6637.

DJI Inspire 3
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Its an extremely weird launch, none of the extra info or videos we usually see flooding youtube when they release a new product. The price I'm not too shocked at, its the fact that each battery costs 360 quid and you need them in pairs is thats getting me at the moment.

I am still left with a lot of questions tho

Is RTK mandatory for the new spolight pro and the repeatable track smart features?
Is the drone weather resistant as suggested by flying in the rain in that video above?
is the lens mount interchangeable? IE is there a way to get a longer lens than a 50mm on it or are we stuck with cropping 8k?
What file formats can be recorded in at what resolutions? And what do we have access to in the combo box? what is the expected record time on the 1TB drive in some of these different formats? (will it be as heavy as the I2 proress files?)
What focus pulling systems can we use with this? I have the older DJI focus for example, will that work?
The sensor can record 8k video. Does that mean it is 40mp for when it comes to stills photography?
Is there a new version of the DL lenses with step-less aperture or are we stuck with clicks?
The fact that it's a full-frame 40MP sensor probably means that any fast optics will be large and heavy. I wonder how they will handle that. I was seriously considering the AirPeak as I am a Sony shooter and have a full kit of bodies and lenses. But I expected this new Inspire to be the best solution until I saw the cost.
It seems like they left a giant hole in the middle between the Mavic 3 and Inspire 3. Are they still producing the Inspire 2 line? Can we mount the new 8k camera on the Inspire 2?
I double it. Backwards compatibility has never been a thing with DJI. It lools like is a O3 camera and the I2 is 02 based. Older version of CineCore too.
I think the performance of the camera is critical at this price. Will it equal a Sony Alfa on the AirPeak, or Red or Arri on the Alta? The Alta X is more $$$ but comes with some huge advantages. I think I’m just frustrated at the price that is probably double what most of us expected…
It has a sticker shock for sure!
Although compare the I2 initial prices, it was also similar price zone considering several years of inflation added into price factor.

Battery cost between the I2 and I3 isn’t far apart either.
For Kit price, add in the price of X7 payload, higher end battery charger and it’s much closer in comparison. The SSD 1TB stick is about the same as I2 as well with improvements.

Considering the huge improvements in Radio, RF range, stability, RTK and performance, plus new enhancements… it’s in a sticker shock zone but also within a justified zone too.

Provide similar in other Brand and it’d likely be double.
It does waiver the serious hobbyist that likes high end photography equipment… such as myself. I’ll continue with the I2 X7 and Mavic 3 for now. I also haven’t upgraded my Sony A7 RII for similar reasons... though that’s getting closer as prices settle down.

I’m not able to justify its cost for my needs, but Pro’s will gain and justify. I’d definitely would like one… maybe when resales begin.
I think that for many of us who have the Inspire 2, with the X7 or X5S camera, the improvements that this new Inspire 3 has as well as its price have impacted us both. Definitely this Drone marks the gap from those of us who are amateurs with knowledge in photography and videos to the professional people who dedicate themselves 100% to this job. I can understand that 6 or 7 years have passed since the Inspire 2 came out, and soon after the improved cameras like the X7 that came to give us more lens combination options according to our needs, improvements in terms of the transmission of video and control signal, a radio control with the new trends of integrating a high-resolution screen are part of what DJI has improved with this new Inspire 3, improvements in video encoding, improvements in intelligent flight modes, sensors more robust to improve the safety of the equipment in flight, and many other things, but I think that the price that DJI has given to this new Inspire 3, will limit many of us who are fans and who have bought our equipment with effort... too We saw it when the Mavic 3 came out, its high price and a bitter taste due to all the complications it had due to its Firmware that was not fully debugged... I think that DJI, although it is true, has always sought a way to remain a Leader as a manufacturer of Drones Due to the benefits that its products have, it has made this item more expensive, and as I said before, it has created a very marked gap between those of us who are fans of photography and video, who dedicate 100% to this. For those who can and have the means to acquire this new Inspire 3, I wish you the best of experiences and results that this new Inspire 3 promises to deliver… Greetings!

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