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Do I have genuine DJI batteries ?

Jul 17, 2016
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Perth, Western Australia
Hi guys,

Just wondering if the TB48s that I bought are genuine. I bought them (3 units) from a local dealer in addition to a I1 V2. HealthyDrones does not report a 'Printed Serial' number but does have an 'Internal Serial' number for all 3.
The TB47 that came with the drone has both numbers reported by HD.

Attached are pictures of the batteries and one of the boxes. The TB47 is on the left on all the pics.

Also I am running version 2.8.4 of the app (IOS)



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If they aren't genuine it would be nice to know where they come from.....unfortunately I don't think there are any aftermarket ones available
I contacted the dealer and they assure me that it is 100% genuine DJI. I still have my doubts although isn't it true that the newer apps won't let you run with 3rd party batteries ?
I think one of my tb47s doesn't report both numbers in HD,but they are genuine batteries.
Bit of an old post, but decided to post my case in case someone finds it useful since I didn't find anything else on the topic.

I was also worried (still researching & testing, but now more inclined to believe otherwise) that I have been sold non-genuine (or refurbished although advertised as new) batteries because the box looked like it had been previously opened and the batteries themselves looked different from all the other TB47s I had. And frankly, the price was just too good to be true.

Funny thing is that the suspect TB47s look exactly like the TB47s from your pictures, which is quite different from all the other TB47s I have. The differing text/fonts/design also looked quite strange to me with the Chinese text & Dongguan Amperex Technology Limited listed as manufacturer (although I have since learned that DJI does source from this manufacturer). However, they do have corresponding (print & in-app) serial numbers, zero charges and full 100% battery life left (4x LEDs after 5s button hold). The I1 accepts them without any error. I even opened up the top of both batteries to compare the circuit boards (visually, I don't the technical knowledge for anything else) and they seem identical down to the first numbers of the serial number barcode on the sticker on each of the circuit boards.

The weather is not very helpful in my part of the planet these days, but I'll do my best to test flight times, voltages, etc in the coming days and will share my results. Fingers crossed.

EDIT: The suspect battery is the one on the left


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I hopped over to the DJI Forum and asked a moderator if they could check for genuiness (I supplied the bard code numbers). They came back with all 3 being genuine. Sweet.

BTW I am attempting the same, hope I will get a reply since I just registered there, have zero activity as of yet and am just cold-messaging a random Inspire forum moderator with a barcode check request.
Alright, did some testing today, comparing the new (suspect) battery to 3 other TB47s. Basicly, it performed even better than I would expect (considering 0 cycles vs 40-50 on the other batteries) and I couldn't notice anything that indicated any problems with the battery's operation.

The test comprised of raising the AC to a static hover at around 3m altitude and running the batteries all the way down to 15% before landing. I logged initial and end of flight battery temperature and voltage as well as total flight time and max voltage variance, also minding atmospheric conditions (wind + temperature):


Both start and end voltages are recorded with the engines switched off.

I have uploaded my data to HealthyDrones, but it turned out that I need a paid plan to see battery analysis. I have upgraded, but for some reason I am still unable to access it, so I guess it will take a little bit of time for the upgrade to be reflected on my account. I will wait for that and post an update with more the more detailed data from there.

All in all though, things are looking good at this point. That is incredibly encouraging, since the price on the batteries is REALLY good and there should be more of them available.

Any pointers on things that I am missing but should be checked would be greatly appreciated as would any general opinions and comments.
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OK, I got the HealthyDrone data. The thing that stands out here is the higher minor deviations count (as opposed to major deviations, of which there are NONE). Does that seem problematic to you guys? (Healthy Drones does say "About 8% of flights - 50 to 75 minor deviations per minute - monitor this battery closely" and this SHOULD be a brand new battery).

Here is the deviations data for each of the batteries tested (first chart is the new, suspect battery, obviously :) ):

Of course, it must be considered that I currently only have data for a single flight under non-typical use (stationary hover throughout the whole flight). Any thoughts shared would be very much appreciated! :)
Just to clarify why I am so interested in checking and double checking that this battery is legit - I bought this battery for 80 EUR vs regular prices of 130+ EUR, and they are selling more of them at that price. If this battery pans out, it's a steal!
They are genuine battery's mate,I just purchased 2 more recently from a dji distributor here in oz.
They have changed the labelling,that's all,in fact it makes it a little easier when hand carrying them onto planes,as security here can't find the watt hours,and give up,give them back to you and off you go.
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I took the plunge & bought 4 more of these yesterday, I'll write back with how it plays out.
They are all genuine all batteries.

labelling and packaging was changed in early 2016 to comply with new regulation for carrying Lipo packs.

Secondly to this day there are still no after market packs for the Inspire.

All your packs are DJI don't worry about it.

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I also have one of these batteries recently bought from maplin here in the U.K. So I'm assuming they are all genuine....

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