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Dyed my Inspire and it worked, kind of...

May 13, 2016
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Bored with the white body I decided to use Rit Dye to dye the parts of my Inspire 1 v2. It worked, I learned a few techniques and discovered a few important tips.

I used Rit Dye for synthetics (Color: Graphite). The Dye attaches to certain parts better than others. The battery tops take the Dye really well and achieve an almost pure black in 10 minutes. The small butt pieces took the Dye perfectly, a beautiful even grey. The body top, braces and nose cone were slower and took a good 30 minutes. Unfortunately those pieces were a bit stubborn and I didn't get them clean enough to have a perfectly even dye. As a result I got a smoky looking effect which is kind of cool but not what I wanted.

One advantage to dye is that it does not dye the clear pieces so all the LEDs illuminate perfectly.

In hind sight, I would use a rubbing alcohol to prep and clean the pieces even better, or buy new parts.

It's hard to say whether other colors would produce better results.



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I kind of like it. I couldn't live with the battery being a different colour than the rest but it looks decent to me. Could you repeat the process to darken and fill it all?
When I dyed my props on the p2 I found that I had to use I-dye POLY rather than the standard I-dye, to get it to soak into the polyethylene.
I also found some items needed basically the whole night to dye.

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