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Exciting News from DJI - june 15

Just a little? Are you talking about the UAV we already have an entire section dedicated to?
hahaha, this is like you dangling a carrot in front of everyone and being all, I have a carrot guys, who wants a carrot? I have one and you can't have it....

Meanwhile we are all sitting on bags of carrots.

I don't even like carrots.
Does anyone else know? I am not at liberty to say, but all I can say is wow!!!
Can I just put everyone out of their misery here..... It IS the Matrix 100.

There has been a faux pas (yet again) by DJI and it should not have appeared in dealers shop windows - however it did/has so nobody will be surprised come June 15th, or will it be July or Aug or......
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Maybe the text should read. "DJI is finally switching to the same kind of frame almost everybody else has been using for years, and getting ride of the delicate plastic shell that has plagued Phantom owners since the products inception."

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