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File sizes. I was surprised at the results


Aug 31, 2015
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Albany NY Area
I was asked in another forum to test some file sizes based on 1 minute. I am reposting most of my response here as I found the results most suprising and would love to get some user input. In my test 4444XQ actually eats 25% MORE space than DNG and is far noisier so I am not sure why I will continue to shoot it. Let me know if you guys are seeing the same results and if so why would we be shooting 4444XQ. Also I have attached frame grabs from DaVinci to share what I am seeing.
All was shot using the following:
ISO 200 @ 50th f-4.5 Olympus Zuiko 17mm 3840x2160 with 1 Westcott Daylight Balanced LED Flex light for fill. I tried to add as many colors and reflective surfaces as I could as well as large diversities in dynamic range and saturation. Also (and this is important) The 30k in cash is Movie Prop Money so please don't come to my house and rob me!;)
1 minute clip of the exact static scene as the pictures below
H.264 = 455 MB
422= 5.41 GB
4444QX=12.45 GB
DNG Raw=8.43 GB.
01-H264.jpg 02-422.jpg 03-4444.jpg 04-DNG.jpg
My overall impressions.
H.264 is great until you see a real image!
422 is **** nice
4444XQ is hard to distingush but perhaps a tad easier to grade
DNG color space is totally different so I couldn't match color and dynamics exactly. You don't notice it right off on most of the image, but if you look at the bolder colors like the Magenta monster or especially in the 2 diagonal blues on the color chart, you will really notice it. Also while looking at the blues, notice the massive lack of noise with the DNG grab compared to the 422 and 4444. That is really big for me. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? I almost hope so as that would make more sense to me.

Let me know.

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