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  1. Sproesser

    Raw 6k Workflow with X7, HDR Need advice!

    Hey everyone, I want to utilize my Inspire 2 with X7 for a 6K HDR workflow, preferably using Final Cut Pro. As well as Canon R5(8K Raw), editing on new fully loaded MacBook Pro 16", for an 8K HDR output to Youtube. The goal is to create the best possible looking footage my gear is capable...
  2. S

    Inspire 1 Pro (RAW) with Brand New X5, 2 Batts, DJI 15mm lens, charger and case.

    Inspire 1 Pro (RAW) with Brand New X5, 2 Batts, charger and case. Inspire 1 Pro Raw w/X5 and 15mm lens. This entire unit was just shipped back to me from DJI after servicing the system and replacing a right-side arm and motor that had a crack on it. It has one test flight on it since the...
  3. K

    Dji focus Inspire 1 Pro / Raw

    This is for a dji inspire 1 pro with x5 camera. I just got dji focus and I'm trying to see if it's possible to control zoom and focus, without having to change modes on the focus controller. Eg. Either zoom mode, focus mode or aperture mode. My use is for asset inspection to have the camera...
  4. T

    Inspire 2 + x5s + lenses/licenses/batteries/Cine SSD/hard case

    Greetings — I am selling my like new Inspire 2 package. I prefer to sell as a package. Please do not ask for individual pieces of the kit. Currently located in Denver, CO. I am willing to ship within the CONUS. Buyer pays for shipping/paypal fees. I can post photos in the next couple of...
  5. S


    Selling my entire set. Only 1 year old, never crashed it. Including: • Inspire 1 RAW • Zenmuse X5R • Dual Remote controllers • Chargers • SSD Reader • 512GB SSD • 2x TB47 • 2x TB48 • 2 sets of props • Original case • Inspak X5 • 15MM F/1.7 Lens Location: The Netherlands ( EUROPE) Price: €...
  6. Rocco Z

    [SOLD] $6,750 Complete Inspire 2 RAW kit *MUST SELL ASAP*

    (((SOLD))): DJI Inspire 2 Complete X5s RAW Production Kit (brand new body, camera) The kit was purchased for $8,192.00. I’m looking for $6,750 + $150 shipping. Location: Denver, CO Hello! After an unfortunate financial situation, our production must sell one of our brand new Inspire 2 kits...
  7. Kestrel

    X5R Inspire 1 RAW benefits re RAW on other platform?

    Hello, New member here. I'm contemplating purchasing an Inspire 1 Raw with X5R camera. I'm curious, all these drones can shoot RAW, what makes this rig different (in terms of its RAW benefits). FWIW, I understand the benefits of RAW in general so don't need help there, I'm curious...
  8. N

    WTB: Inspire 2 package

    Hi there :) I'm pretty excited to have found this forum. Haven't joined a forum in years, but since I am getting more into aerial cinematography, I figured this would be a great move. I'm currently looking to purchase an Inspire 2 + X5S package, preferably with the Prores and DNG licenses. I...
  9. R

    File sizes. I was surprised at the results

    I was asked in another forum to test some file sizes based on 1 minute. I am reposting most of my response here as I found the results most suprising and would love to get some user input. In my test 4444XQ actually eats 25% MORE space than DNG and is far noisier so I am not sure why I will...
  10. B

    Inspire 1 Raw (X5R) Entire Package | Lots of Extras

    I am going to be getting rid of my Inspire 1 Raw (X5R) with multiple lenses, batteries, ND filters, hardshell travel case, and much more. This bird has been flown for maybe 10 hours or less and in "like new" shape. Send me a reply or DM if interested (US ONLY FOR SHIPPING PURPOSES), your best...
  11. Sproesser

    SAMPLE images and videos

    I'm close to deciding to but an Inspire 2 and X7 camera, I just need to see some RAW photo files first. Lets use this thread for sharing sample RAW photos and video files shot with the new X7 camera system! Can anyone show me a RAW photo file or 2 so I can make sure I will be happy with the...
  12. C

    How to delete / format X5r SSD on the Mac

    Hi guys, I sold my Inspire1 and still have a SSD to sell. I forgot to format the SSD on the Inspire which is shipped already. Unfortunately there is still some footage on the SSD. I still have a reader. Can I delete or format the SSD on my Mac with the Disk Utility before I hand it over? It...
  13. S

    FOR SALE: DJI Inspire RAW package (EU) NEW PRICE

    Due to low usage im selling my DJI Inspire raw package. It consists of the following DJI Inspire 1 V2 drone (bought february 2017, 5hrs of flighttime only) 2 set of props (one set i still new in plastic) 2 remotes (for dual operator) Charger Remote harness 1 TB47 battery 4 TB48 batteries...
  14. RYU

    X5S and 7.5mm Big Problem

    Hi everyone. My name is RYU and I'm e-mailing from JAPAN. I'm using Inspire2 and X5S. I bought LAOWA 7.5mm. My X5S has licence which ProRes and RAW. The problem is I cannot shoot RAW when using X5S with 7.5mm. SSD is formatted safely, and using the latest firmware. Other lenses(DJI recommend)...
  15. X

    *New* Laowa 7.5mm Highlight Film 4K Raw

    Widest lens in the world currently for m4/3 sensor cameras. Shot with Inspire 1 X5R and Osmo X5R. The lens is superb! My short highlight film with this lens entitled "Moments". Watch in 4K
  16. X

    Dramatic Lightning Thunderstorm shot 4K Raw

    First time filming a storm of any kind. This is known as heat lightning.....the atmosphere is freakishly still and quiet, but the most brilliant lightshow ever was occurring in the sky. Luckily I had my Inspire 1 X5R in the back seat:) Watch in 4K with good speakers!
  17. W

    Flat RAW / DNG files from X5S (still photography)

    Hi everyone, I have read the thread below from "Pandion" but have a slightly different issue with the DNG files. I appreciate that we are talking RAW / DNG files, but when converting with either Adobe PS cc or Lightroom, the unedited RAW is very flat with no saturation or depth. I am a...
  18. qnyla

    Still Photo RAW Burst to CineSSD creates different RAW files?

    The RAW files created when using RAW Burst to a CineSSD card are 21 MB in size. The RAW files normally created and written to the micro SD card are about 42 MB in size. The files from a RAW burst do not seem to have a lens profile included in the file so no corrections for distortion or...
  19. X

    Over 10,000 lights across the night sky - All shot RAW

    Wanted to really test the dynamic range capabilities and potential of low-light footage when shooting Raw with the X5R. Shot with the Inspire 1 Raw and Osmo Raw. Watch in 4K and enjoy!
  20. YeeaaBoii

    SOLD: X5R Kit: Inspire 1 Raw, Dual Remotes, 10 TB48 Batteries.

    Selling my DJI Inspire 1 Pro Raw kit with all the essentials. This kit has never been crashed, dropped, or repaired in any way. The following pictures are the actual product you will receive. The kit includes the following: - Inspire 1 Pro Model: T601 - Zenmuse X5R camera - DJI 15mm lens - 1...