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Finally pulled the trigger... And cancelled

Aug 9, 2014
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With all of the fuss and then a few stories of new quads breaking I finally decided I do not want to be a paying tester. The final issue was with the scheduling situation. I spoke with dji again, hey have gotten pretty good at saying "we appologize but..." So pretty much I was told yesterday the 8th of January that my order, placed within the first 15 minutes the inspire went on sale, would be around 2 more weeks due to the second controller issue. They said hopefully two weeks. Not probably or likely, hopefully....
They do not make this easy. I was on the fence about actually canceling. I told them I'd like a refund and they emailed me back asking me to give them a couple more weeks. I emailed them back and told them I'd rather not wait two weeks and to please just give me a refund. Got another email saying they got confirmation we would be seeing some this week. I again said no thanks. (3 seperate emails saying I wanted a refund). I was a first round, Two controller order. What do I do now? I was starting to like the idea of letting others test it and I was ok with waiting. 9:50 tonight, I got a shipment notification. Guess I have no choice now. Anyone else get one of these? I think I just got suckered into keeping my order...
unfriggin believable! they tell you two more weeks until you say no way jose'?
wow. all i can say is i hope you get a good unit and are happy with your purchase. i think it is basically a very good product..but i admit i am not as unhappy as i was knowing despite my early order Amazon told me i would not likely get mine until the end of the month or early in February. i ordered (after having an order cancelled) on 12-17 after waiting for a few weeks already.
it shows you that there are units available with two transmitters if you scream loud enough i guess.

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