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First shipments to dealers or dji.com pre-orders?


Oct 31, 2014
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Historically has DJI prioritized shipments to dealers or direct orders from their site?

Watching the decreasing quantity available numbers on Amazon, it appears that dealers know how many they are expecting to receive. I'm just wondering if I'll get faster delivery from dji.com or a dealer?
I would order from a dealer. I have bought all my items from Dronefly.com and they have been terrific.
They usually have their items right when DJI does. Not to mention they ship from the US where as DJI ships from China.
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anybody heard when amazon themselves will stock them?
the service is the best through amazon from my experience. i am surprised amazon did not presell them.. i guess they left that up to the retailers they normally work with..hhhm.
I'm guessing that Amazon is not an authorized dealer. I tried to get the service rep to tell me how many Amazon had on order and he said that his system does not show that.
Hey I might can find out but it might be after Thanksgiving , see I know a guy that can call his friend that knows someone that has connections and sure they will get back to me on it and will post back :D Hope all that has one has a Blessed Happy Thanksgiving ;)
Amazon does not stock you buy from Amazon but if you look all of there 3rd party sellers are Dji sellers I ordered mine from Amazon but the seller is drone source

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Amazon now lists the inspire. i ordered one today because my all e r.c. order was cancelled. now i have to pay tax..rats.
it showed 4 available on the listing and availability of jan. 1.
i think it will be mid month not first. we shall see. i hope i will still get a case with it..it is a pre order although Amazon is technically not an Authorized dealer from what i am told.
I said Amazon sells the inspire but from 3rd party sellers

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I said Amazon sells the inspire but from 3rd party sellers

The correct statement would be "You can purchase the p2* and the Inspire through Amazon from 3rd party sellers and from Amazon directly" The only difference with the Inspire right now is that Amazon (direct) is listing the Inspire as "Temporarily out of stock" while the 3rd party sellers are listing the Inspire as "Pre-Order".
Hello guys,
anyone received an update on their amazon order from Amazon direct?
I'm debating if I should go with an amazon 3rd party from All E RC which confirmed shipping no later than 01/07/2015 or amazon direct which is still temporarily unavailable ..

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