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Flying In Oman

May 14, 2015
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Amersham, Bucks
Can anyone help.

I am off to a trade show in Oman in October and thought of taking the I1 with me for flying around during the long lunch breaks at the trade show.

I have been online but can't find any information about whether there are any issue with flying UAVs in Oman for recreational purposes anywhere.

Has anybody done so, or can anyone advise where I can get more information.

I wouldn't take it unless you can get advanced permission to import it through customs. That part of the world is very twitchy about UAVs. I lived in Qatar for nine years and I know quite a few people who had Phantoms confiscated and they never got them back. It was weird as you could buy Phantoms in Qatar. I used to strip mine down and put the parts in separate bags. If you can get it in you'll get some great stuff. Oman is a very beautiful country. Just don't fly in any built-up or obviously sensitive areas.
Okay, so I contacted the Omani Authorities but never received a reply. I then found an article where they mentioned UAVs were being used for inspection so decide to take my Inspire 1.

On the first trip had a little chat with Customs and they let it through but on the second trip I spent 8 hours over 2 days trying to get the UAV into the country. I was eventually able to get it in with the UK Embassy's help but promised not to fly.

So I can confirm that UAV's are banned in Oman, it seems mainly because they have cameras.
You may be able to get a drone in if it was for a job for a big client based locally. But, it would take a lot of work, good contacts and a local person with a lot of 'wasta.' For recreational flying you don't stand a chance as Andrew discovered.
Hi Simon

Yes I was in Oman at the invite of UKTI and UK Embassy to showcase the latest technology for surveillance as still had the aggro at customs even with embassy invites etc.

Agreed I was talking with the large companies who use UAV and the larger the company the ability to get permissions

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Just wondering if anyone has any updated info on this? Looking to bring my I1 to Oman just for vacation.
Today I received some information about flying drones in Oman:
You need permission of the National Survey Authority (NSA) of Oman. When flying your drone, you always need to be accompanied by someone of the NSA or another representative of the government. Getting a permit and having someone with you, means costs that you have to cover.
I was advised to leave my drone at home. Which I do as it was for private use. Commercially, there are possibilities.

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