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Gimbal calibration failure

May 2, 2015
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Hi all,

The newbie is back!! :)

Since the last update, every time that I start the inspire up, I get an error message that says "Gimbal calibration failure".
Any idea what this is and how I can repair it? I also have my camera videoing and photographing at a slight angle, ie. the horizon is off (tilting down to the right). Any idea whether these two things are related? If not, how do I get the camera level? I saw something about calibrating the IMU (http://www.inspirepilots.com/threads/imu-and-gimbal-calibration.1789/). What is the IMU and how do I calibrate it?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Yes an IMU calibration, then gimbal calibration would be the thing to do.

Read your manual for that. It's essential you get familiar with characteristics of the IMU for safe flying.
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Your horizon will still be off, it's a known fault since the last 2 firmware updates.
I got this gimbal calibration failure yesterday too when operating the camera in free mode and turning th AC. Is this the part of the gimbal calibration failure noted by the editor in "known app issues" described as occurring on startup or is this a new issue?
It's the same. Just see for yourself on the ground, everytime you hit the stops the false mesage appears. As the gimbal goes to the stops when starting up... you get the message at startup.
Those of you have roll calibration issues, how far is yours off and is it consistent? Mine is off + 1.2 every time. I test by leveling across the prop mounts via a 24" accurate level. Level the by putting spacers under the legs. I set the level about a foot in front of the camera (leveled) then use a carpenters square to square the level to the copter. when you view though the app, the camera view should be parallel with the level. I have calibrated everything. I always have to add + 1.2 to level mine. If this isn't clear, I can post some photos to clear it up.

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