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GPC 'landing mode' case review

Looks like a great case that's up to being shipped. That certainly isn't the case (pun) with the DJI travel case.
Not having to enter and exit travel mode is a plus as well
almost double the thickness compare to the original case!

Yes, its substantially larger as my video hopefully shows but I'll tell you it is so much nicer just being able to pull it out of the case, attach the props, power it on and fly. My set up time has gone from it being a 5 minute fiddly exercise down to 1 or 2 minutes max. I drive a Landrover LR3 (Discovery 3) so I can carry the whole case easily in the back with loads of room to spare. I just lower the tail-gate, flip open the case and within 120 seconds I can be airborne. I am very pleased with this case and although I didn't get the opportunity to try the Tradecraft equivalent I'm mighty happy with the GPC model.

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