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Grounded: Compass Calibration Failed

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Jan 27, 2018
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Anyone having this issue?

After multiple attempts in several different locations the compass will not calibrate. Seems to go through the horizontal calibration ok (green lights), but pointing it down results in the error.

BTW I was having this issue before the most recent firmware upgrade, and after the upgrading the problem persists.

I did have the vibration board replaced recently, but have flown since.
I've had the same problem but after upgrading to the latest firmware the compass error vanished, I even didn't had to calibrate it and the inspire worked as before.
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I am totally new to all this, but i was watching videos all day yesterday of "Firmware" updates. Several stated if the Firmware was not a "success" to reformat the mini-sd card using the onboard camera to format, then put the upgrade .bin file on the card and reinstall. Others said similar, but to go back to the first Firmware update and start from there forward with each successive updates. Not sure if this helps, but I thought I would try! If the .txt file said success, but if I run into this problem, I would almost follow the logic of going back to the time period of your firmware download THAT WORKED, then proceed forward. Shalom!
I remember having to calibrate the drone after the firmware update, I didn’t have any issues.
I would suggest moving 100 yards away and try to calibrate again. I had a problem with some underground pipes, lots of metal and rebar.
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After a few days of trying at more than 10 different locations the problem seemed to have corrected itself. Finally able to calibrate the compass and competed a test flight without issue. My only advice to anyone else with this issue is to move to other locations, update all the firmware on everything (batteries, gimbal, remotes) and just keep trying.

Thanks to everyone who commented, moderator please close this thread.
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