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Had a weird issue yesterday

Jun 28, 2015
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Took an hours drive yesterday to a location I fancied filming only to find I had an issue upon arriving. Both my RC and AC firmware is up to date and I'm flying with an X5R on board my V1 Inspire. Went through my normal set up procedure and switched everything on and all fine. Took off and was trying to centre a windmill for an orbit and realised it was drifting everywhere, looked up to see i was in Atti mode (although My switch was in GPS mode), I had no satellites at all. It was very windy and I only had a small patch of grass to land on at the edge of the field, after 2 attempts I realised that wasn't going to work so managed a hand catch and switched the motors off.

Put a fresh battery in, switched on again and all ok, 18 satellites locked on. This time I watched as it took off and as the legs raised I lost all of my satellites and went into "safe to fly no GPS" and it then kept switching from that into Atti. Took the craft to a different location and every time as soon as the legs raised I lost satellite connection. Came home took the nose off and checked all connections, loaded the previous firmware and then back to the latest firmware, IMU calibration and compass calibration and took he back out again and everything started to work again as it should of.

Really not sure what caused the problem at all but never had it before.
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Antenna's are in the legs I've seen other posts about this before. Might be pulling your wires off with legs up . Check connection under hood to see all 4 are securely plugged in.

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