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Have anyone else have the same problem?

Jan 23, 2015
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i was flying my inspire 1 tonight, went outside inserted a battery that was about 95 percent charged turned on my remote then the I1 then noticed the tail light was red & also noticed only one bar (arrow) watever you wanna call it was green on the battery so i removed it put it on the charger & all the bars started blinking green like it was almost fully charged, i grabbed my other battery inserted it did the whole pre-flight check list thing, went out about 2-3 hundred feet when my battery percentage turned RED like it does when it gets to the low battery level, but the difference with my situation is i still had 75 percent left then the green battery level line went all the way down to the yellow section then went back up, it also said something on the left side of the screen in the same area where it tells you that THE AIRCRAFT IS BEHIND YOU SO FLY CAREFULLY but it disapeared before i could read it, but am positive it wasnt tellin the that the aircraft was behind me because there were too many lines, it was like a paragraph, so i turned around and flew back home in a hurry, it only lasted a few seconds then my battery percentage turned back white like normal, i did not land it right away i kept flyin about 15-20 feet away till it was time to land. That was very very very scary, if someone in the inspire family had the same problem and can shed some light on why this happened plz do

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